The second place in the betting is Viggo Finn, who reached the finals of the British “Got Talent” program

The second place in the betting is Viggo Finn, who reached the finals of the British “Got Talent” program
The second place in the betting is Viggo Finn, who reached the finals of the British “Got Talent” program
VILL VEST: On Sunday, Viggo Venn is one of the favorites to win “Britain’s Got Talent” with his gala. The British have a special eye for the frivolous. They grew up with a silly British sense of humor, everything from Monty Python to Mr. Bean, says Venn to VG.

And according to British bookmakers, there is only one man standing between Norway’s Viggo Finn, 34, and 3.4 million kroner prize money in Sunday’s Britain’s Got Talent final. But does our friend really want to win?


On Friday night, dancer Musa Mutha was alone Better odds From Finn to win Sunday evening 250 thousand pounds, or 3.4 million Norwegian kroner. And this is where Finn himself becomes unfriendly to what all of Norway loves;

Somehow, I hope I don’t win. Isn’t that a little unattractive? Clowns must lose all the way. Fail, fail, fail — that’s what clowns do, Finn says over the phone from the backstage area of ​​Britain’s Got Talent, where rehearsals for Sunday’s final began long ago.

Then, fortunately, he took off his clown mask for a while:

– But if there’s only one time in the year it can be the other way around, it’s Sunday!

So she says there’s NOK 3.4 million and she performs in front of King Charles and other royalties at the annual The Royal Variety Performance (which NRK broadcasts every New Year’s Eve after midnight).

Viggo Venn describes the time after the first audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” as “quite a cow partner”.

– A restaurant owner in Greece immediately made a phone call and wanted to fly me. After the semi-finals, I was recognized on the street and videos poured in from all over the world — Brazil, Mexico, Algeria — of people dancing while wearing reflective vests. It’s completely crazy, he says.

– Yeah, because what’s with Viggo Venn and reflective jackets?

– They are very visible then. And I felt ready to be more visible!

Here you can recover your semi-finished vin number:

He already had a small name in open mic circles in London when ITV caught him.

Within a year after the epidemic, I probably performed in every pub in London with audiences from six to sixty. He says about fourteen on average, I think.

To put it mildly, it was very different with 4,000 unruly spectators – dressed in reflective vests – in the semi-finals earlier this week.

– At first, I went to the audition because I thought it might be a funny clip to put on the Internet, where I was taken out of the competition.

– Simon Cowell also did when he hit the red exit button?

– Yes, he did the only right thing, he is, and what I expected. Simon didn’t really like my audition, but anyway I was there just to enjoy myself and spread the joy,” says Finn, who noticed the mood shifted in the semi-final.

– Then I guess he got the feeling. I still took the reflective vest off him in the semi-finals as a little revenge with a twinkle in my eye for the x he gave me. After that, everyone on the Hammersmith Apollo – 4000 – was wearing a reflective vest, except Simon… We’ll see if we’re friends in the final!

But here Viggo Finn calls Norway bored …

– I was presenter at the May 17th solemn ceremony in London, and there I apologized to the Norwegian ambassador to Great Britain and the Minister of Finance, along with several thousand Norwegians present, for saying ‘Norway is really boring’. The ambassador laughed and laughed, so I interpret that to mean I have been formally forgiven, says Viggo Finn.

What can we expect in the final on Sunday, other than reflective jackets, of course?

– These are state secrets! But at least I’ll do something well again, and end it with a bang. And who knows, maybe there won’t be so many reflective jackets?

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(Note: Viggo Venn returns to his hometown of Kongsberg to entertain the town kids during the Jazz Fest on July 6th)!


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