The silence around the film is inspired by Cezinando

The silence around the film is inspired by Cezinando

Late on Sunday night, the Norwegian film “Sick Girl” had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. For a long time, standing ovations after the movie. Outside the Festival Palace, a good atmosphere reigned after the premiere. Director Christopher Burghley and lead actress Kristin Kogath Thorpe were relieved and relieved.

– I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. I have seen the movie myself many times. Nice to finally share it with the public.

He was very pleased to see the film in Cannes, which for him is considered the most rewarding place for the screening of the film.

GETS BOAST: Actress Kristen Kogath-Thorpe has been highlighted by many international critics for her efforts in “Sick Girl”. Photo: Santiago Vergara S. / TV 2

Kristen Kogath Thorpe plays Sene, a young woman in desperate need of attention. And it goes too far to get attention. Burghley admired the main character of the film.

– Very cool, I don’t understand how you do it. Amazing. I’m totally stunned.

Receives praise from reviewers

Kujath Thorp was specifically mentioned in many of the reviews that came right after the movie came out. For her, too, the premiere was a powerful experience.

– So insanely sick. I forgot where we are a few times. Oh my gosh, we’re kind of sitting in Cannes and showing our movie. It was really big and fun, and nerve-wracking, she says.

“Sick Girl” is the only all-Norwegian premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Director Christopher Burghley is from Sarpsburg and lives in Los Angeles and has always been interested in what we might call body horror. It appears in the movie.

I look special in large parts of the movie. without revealing much. People have to go and see it.

Burghley says the story was inspired by reality, but it appeared far beyond what one is used to seeing in film.

– It’s based on real trends I’ve seen.

He has no explanation for his fascination with the horror of the flesh.

– But I can’t help it. I think it has to do with the fact that I love the discomfort in the movie.

TAUS: Borgli will not comment on whether the Cezinando case inspired parts of the script for the film.  Photo: Oslo photos

TAUS: Borgli will not comment on whether the Cezinando case inspired parts of the script for the film. Photo: Oslo photos

stolen design furniture

In the film, the main character’s girlfriend is the artist and in art, stolen design chairs are central, a story similar to the case against Norwegian artist Sezenando. He was recently sentenced to community service for his involvement in a burglary, in which the stolen goods were meticulously designed chairs.

The film was written and recorded before it was announced to the public that the Norwegian artist was a suspect in the case. Sources tell TV 2 that in certain environments in Oslo this was known earlier.

– No comment, Burghley says when asked about it.

– Not inspired by a Norwegian artist?

– No comment.

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