The skier was found after a search operation

The skier was found after a search operation

Police and volunteer rescue teams were searching for the 70-year-old male skier on Friday evening.

Inland Police received information about the missing person around 8.30pm today.

The man went skiing at Synnfjellet in Nordre Land.

– He is on a cabin trip with some friends, then he was going to go on a ski trip at 4pm, he was supposed to be back after 7pm, then the people on his trip called and worried, Christian Sverstad, head of operations of the Inlandate police district, told VG before 21.50.

That person should not be known in that area. In X, the police write that the man should wear skimpy clothes and go cross-country skiing.

– We are running at full capacity. Police and volunteer rescue resources contribute with drones and snowmobiles.

However, the weather will present challenges.

– There are some weather challenges in both snow and wind. Now it's minus one degree and there's heavy snow, says the operations manager.

– Does it create challenges for search activity?

– There are challenges in aviation weather. Had the sky been clear we would have brought the helicopter.

At 10.30pm, police in Inlandate informed VG that the skier had been recovered alive in the search area.

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