The son doesn’t want to call her “Mom.”

The son doesn't want to call her "Mom."

Tesla founder Elon Musk (50) and artist Claire Elise “Grimes” Boucher (33) often stand out in the crowd with their unconventional choices and statements.

especially after that The two gave birth to their first child together Last year it attracted attention. Baby’s name X Æ A-12 Xii Musk caused a lot of itching. So the background of the name had to be explained by the parents.

X, the unknown variable. Æ, my spelling for Ai (Love and/or Artificial Intelligence). A-12 = Introduction to the SR-17 (our aircraft of choice). No weapons, no defense, just speed. Great in battle, but not violent,” Grimes wrote on Twitter at the time.

The son uses the first name

X is now 16 months old, and Grimes is now coming out with an update on what life is like as a mother to young children.

Feeling weird being a mother for some reason. I don’t recognize that word, and it’s also pretty weird because X, says “Claire,” but not “mom,” she says Vogue magazine In connection with the Met gala.

bubble: SpaceX and Elon Musk are trying to make a rocket that can land on Earth again after launch. They have so far had mixed success. Reporter: Edward Steenlund. Video: KameraOne.
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The 33-year-old thinks the son might notice that she’s completely uncomfortable with the term.

– Maybe he feels that I don’t like the word “mother”. I don’t even know why I don’t like it, because I respect him, but I can’t handle him, odd enough, she continues.

However, Grimes does not hide the fact that she is looking forward to her new life, and that having a son has changed her life.

“I think having a baby was like a rebirth for me artistically,” she says.

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Alone: ​​Grimes appeared on the red carpet without Elon Mush.  Photo: Theo Wargo / AFP / NTB
yen: Grimes appeared on the red carpet without Elon Mush. Photo: Theo Wargo / AFP / NTB
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appeared alone

She appeared alone on the red carpet during the Met Gala this time around. However, she and Musk appeared together at the same event for the first time. The two became known via Twitter.

Musk was supposed to tweet something related to AI, but he discovered that Grimes had tweeted a message about the same thing — three years ago. The message he intended to post on Twitter was about a thought experiment called “Roko´s Basilisk”, where artificial intelligence is expected to rule the world.

musk har tPreviously wary of artificial intelligence They called him “an immortal dictator from whom we can never escape.”

He wanted to make a pun on the “rococo chapel,” which plays on the post-Baroque era in the early 18th century. But Grimes has already used that term. Thus, he made contact.

– Grimes said that this was the first time in three years that someone had understood a joke.

humanoid robot: Elon Musk launches a humanoid robot during Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Day, Friday, August 20, 2021. Video: Tesla/Reporter: Vegard Krüger
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New album released

Grimes originally hails from Vancouver, Canada, but in recent years has lived in the United States to make a living from music. In 2010 she released her first album – and since then the album has gone up. In 2013, she signed a contract with Jay Z’s record label. She now has a new album on the way, which she is in the process of completing.

Elon Musk, originally from South Africa, is best known for being the founder of Tesla and CEO of the American aerospace company SpaceX. He has five children with his ex-wife Justin Musk (49) – Griffin (17), Xavier (17), Damien (15), Kay (15) and Saxon (15).

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The two had their first son, Nevada Alexander, in 2000. He was only ten weeks old, and he died in infancy.

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