The southerner won “Sommerhytta” –

The southerner won “Sommerhytta” –

– It's the worst thing we've ever seen. It's absolutely sick, says Helene Svaland Johansen from Arendal TV 2 After the victory was clear.

Together with his partner Henrik Heika Wiik, Svaland Johansen competed against three other couples to build the best cabin.

Television viewers were able to follow the process through programs for ten weeks.

On Thursday evening, the winning couple were chosen – and the prize is that the cohabiting couple will get their own – brand new – cabin in Kongsvik in Sweden.

– It was a difficult trip. Work from morning until evening every day. Little sleep, little food. But the “shit” is worth it, where we stand now, Svaland Johansen tells the channel.

Helene Svaland Johansen from Arendal and her partner Henrik Hekka Wijk struggled to build the best booth on the TV 2 show “Sommerhytta”.
picture: TV2/ESPEN SOLEY


The final is described as more even than previous seasons.

One of the participating couples had won five weekly contests and was “ahead” before the decision was made.

But in the end, anchor Katherine Fossum pulled the names of the Southern woman and her partner from a green envelope, a voice that came from the cabin neighbors themselves — and it was decisive.

– I can't remember ever having seen such an even final in “Sommerhytta.” It must have been the smoothest and most exciting final. “I think everyone was completely shocked by the excitement,” Helene Svaland Johansen tells TV 2.

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