The SP mayor in Troms is “very dark” in the situation that ends in the SP government with SV

The SP mayor in Troms is "very dark" in the situation that ends in the SP government with SV
Many SP mayors are skeptical that the party will rule with SV leader Adun Lisbokan and his party. Some are still there.

– From my reality point of view, this is not brilliant for SP. This is what the party mayor in Lincoln has to say about the upcoming government talks with SV and SP.

A consensus parliamentary committee went to the SP on Monday to begin studies with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party. The purpose of the surveys is to clarify certain premises for any government negotiations. Talks between Audon Lisbokan, the Drive Sloxwald cast, Jonas Kahr Store and some others begin Thursday.

– I look forward to the election. SP and SV have previously shown that we can agree on a lot of good policy. But there are also some policy areas where we stand a little further away. So it will be exciting.

This is what SP’s deputy manager Anne Beathe Christiansen Divinreim says.

But of the many mayors of the SP, not everyone agrees with this assessment.

“Here we shoot what we get from predators”

Many of them have loudly warned the party against entering government with SV. One of them was Don-Howard Johnson, mayor of Lincoln Municipality in Troms.

– We hope there will be an investigation. But it is not good to test that it is not possible. We need to make sure that is not possible, he says.

Basically, he did not see how SP could agree with SV on the government platform.

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– I don’t see it going. In some political cases, the differences are too great. SV takes its voters from the big cities, while at the same time we elect us from the districts, he says.

– What do you fear most about SV’s policy?

– This is really the whole sense, he says and the SV for oil policy, tax policy and infrastructure.

– Then the disagreement about nature conservation and predators comes to the fore?

– Yes, it does not always work. We film here what we get from predators, he says.

At the same time, Lincoln Meyer says he is confident the SP’s management can reach a good deal, so the SP “at least hurts.” But he sees an end to the government with SV. If that happens, he thinks he will “get in trouble with his own voters” in the next election.

Suspicious of the SV, but is fine with the studies

SP Mayor Ronald Vornes in Btsfjord was one of those who suspected of collaborating with the SV before the election. He feared that the entire government plan would “move a little farther to the left.”

– I believed it was different. But power rules, voters decide, he says. He explains that when the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party alone do not have enough support to form a majority government, it is okay for the Socialist People’s Party to start exploring with the Socialist People’s Party.

– I never wanted us to sit in a minority government. Once that is done, I support the strategy, he says.

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SP Mayor Halter Edegard in Westray Slider was one of those who warned against SV cooperation.

– I do not want to comment now, he says.

He repeats what he said earlier that SV is “far away on the left”. Nevertheless, he now says he has full confidence in what the party leadership is doing.

Stjartel will not answer whether the mayor supports the election

The mayor of Stjordalin SP, Ivor Victens, was not among those interested in the new red-green collaboration. He was the political adviser to Petroleum and Energy Minister Ola Borden Moe in the red-green government.

As recently as last summer, he even thought that the SP should not bind itself to the Labor Party. A Interview with TV2 He did not deny that the SP could cooperate with the bourgeoisie in national politics. He has good experiences with local collaborations in the municipality of Trentlock. There, the SP collaborated with the Conservatives for 20 years.

He says he now has full confidence that management will make sensible assessments after SP’s management now agrees to investigate with SV.

When asked if he supports the referendum, he did not answer the question directly.

– I am confident that they are making consistent and intelligent assessments around this, he says again.

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