The speedboat took off in a surf mug – sailors hit

The speedboat took off in a surf mug – sailors hit
The speedboat took off in a surf mug – sailors hit
After the collision: The road boat passed through the field at high speed, as the VG correspondent at the scene describes.

A Norgescup surfing participant was hit by a speedboat during the event.


The Norwegian Cup multi-season surfing tournament was held in Torkildstranda in Drøbak on Sunday.

The speedboat “Baronen” collided with one of the sailors. It runs a fixed B21 route between Filtvet, Drøbak and Aker Brygge as

The incident was witnessed by VG reporter Karen Morey. The road boat came north while the fjord was full of surfers. She walked across the field at high speed and hit one of the athletes. Other witnesses also told VG this.

After the boat hit one of the athletes, it slowed down without stopping. An accompanying boat came to the scene and took the athlete away.

Hit: Boats flocked to support personnel and other athletes when the boat hit the sailboard.

Police at the scene

Morey says all activity in the competition has ceased.

– I can confirm that there was a collision between the ferry and the surf. Why this happened and who is to blame I can’t say, says Operations Manager Finn Havard Ace, Eastern Police District, it’s too early.

The person must be awake and aware, it is unclear if the athlete was injured in the collision. The Eastern Police District was not aware that a sporting event was taking place.

– It may have been reported to the local police, but we weren’t aware of that. This just happened and we’re trying to get an overview. We also need to talk to both parties before we can conclude what happened. Ace says.

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Beach use for the competition must have been planned in cooperation with the municipality, according to the Drøbaksund Sailing Association website. The organizer is busy dealing with the incident and was unable to answer VG’s questions.

Rutter: – He is investigating what happened

The speedboat sets off on a mission from Ruter.

– We’re investigating what happened. The captain explained his account of the accident to Norlid, the roadhand. There are different versions of what happened here. We’re investigating, while we’re dealing with the police and authorities immediately,” says spokesperson Ostein Dahl-Johansen on Roter.

– Eyewitnesses described that the boat maintained a high speed in the field before the collision?

– We don’t know anything about it. There are fairly clear rules for how to travel on the sea, and I suppose those who have worked at Norled follow these. Then we have to investigate it afterward, says Johansen.


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