The Spond founder joins Birger Magnus and Geir Førre in the new company

The Spond founder joins Birger Magnus and Geir Førre in the new company

A new start-up company

Zerolytics is supposed to help large companies meet climate goals, but the founder wouldn’t reveal how it does it.

– We will create a platform to help large global companies reach “net zero”, he says Bear Auto Wold.

Previously built analytics company Point Carbon, sold for NOK 1.1 billion, and popular entertainment organization app spand.

Now he’s at it again, along with his former co-founder at Point Carbon, Atlee Christiansen.

The new company is called Zerolytics, and according to Brønnøysund records, it was recorded this summer. In November, capital was added, but Wold won’t disclose how much.

Popular investors

Among the investors are many well-known names, including Gear Force investment company Verdafounder of Spacemaker Anders Cavaland wholesaler Berger Magnus. The founders also poured money in.

– We are in the lucky position that we know few people. So we ran what we would call the unofficial first round. We’ve been oversubscribed without actually getting into the market, Wold says.

The company is currently hiring. According to the founder, who also serves as CEO, many of those who helped build Point Carbon are participating in the new project.

Spare the details

Exactly what the new platform will do and how it will work, aside from the royal tank, Wold is very discreet about. However, he denies that they assembled the team first and developed the idea afterwards.

– We have a specific idea. Now we’re talking to potential clients, Wold says.

– It’s an exciting and important “space”, and we’ve put together an incredibly good team. He says: I think we can achieve a lot of exciting things.

Several startups have invested heavily in helping others achieve climate goals in recent years, including Ducky And the Silcia. Shifter’s overview of issues in startups almost shows that 40% of the investor’s krone ends up in the hands of entrepreneurs working with the climate and the environment.

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