The state administrator in Trøndelag, Klæbu – NRK has opened a supervisory case after he died in a nursing home in Trøndelag.

Klæbu helse- og velferdssenter

Earlier this year, a state administrator in Trøndelag received a complaint from relatives following the death of a man at the Klæbu Health and Welfare Center in Trondheim Municipality. Based on the complaint, the state administrator instituted monitoring.

The person died in March this year Three weeks later he was transferred there.

According to the complaint, relatives said the man, who was physically handicapped and speechless, died of thirst and hunger and “total public care failure”. They believe that man does not meet his daily diet and care needs. At the same time, they complain about the lack of information and cooperation.

A letter from the Trondheim Municipality to the state administrator in Trøndelag stated that they had disclosed that information and procedures for the participation of relatives had not been followed.

Wensey Dehley, director of health and welfare in Trondheim Municipality, told the NRK that the death was unexpected and that the municipality was fully investigating the incident to find out what happened.

Concerns should not have followed

In the letter from the state administrator, it is described that the person was a happy person, community, music lover and wanted to walk around him.

Has lived in own home for the past 25 years. As the need for physical accommodation in the form of assistance increased, he was transferred to the nursing home at the Club Health and Welfare Center.

In the complaint, the relatives allege that the nursing home was not convenient for transferring capacity between house and home, which led to serious deficiencies in human health and care services.

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It further states that the concerns of the staff in the home, which were not followed, should have been communicated along the way.

Relatives explain that it was difficult to contact staff at the Klæbu Health and Welfare Center.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

According to the complaint, the person’s nurse must have met him the next day. That means the nurse must have noticed that he was still shaving, lying in a dirty bed around his mouth – and even though he could not drink like that, he should have been given a drink by the “spout cup”. A cup. Staff at the Klæbu Health and Welfare Center should also be informed that they need to study human needs.

The relatives further explain that they did not communicate with the staff at the Klæbu Health and Welfare Center and had to look for staff who could lock them in the room when they arrived.

The night the person first called from the nursing home died.

Take the matter seriously

NRK Klæbu was in contact with Rita Lowley Yari, Unit Manager at the Health and Welfare Center. He did not want to comment on the case, citing Wenceslas Dehli, director of health and welfare in Trondheim Municipality.

– We take this very seriously and we will go over all the information provided. We work closely with the state administrator to report the case and gain good insight and knowledge of the course of events, ”says Delhi.

Wensey Dehli

Wensey Dehley, director of health and welfare at Trondheim Municipality, said the death was unexpected and that the municipality would take up the matter fully with the state administrator in Trondheim.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Dehli did not want to comment further on the case, or said it was difficult to contact staff at the Klæbu Health and Welfare Center. He says the municipality negotiated with relatives during the lawsuit.

– Like I said, this is an unexpected death and we need to find the cause. It is in our interest to see if there is any failure in our practices and then review it and do everything we can to prevent something like this from happening again.

Delhi says it is important for the municipality to be sure to speak up if relatives and residents are not satisfied.

– Ensures that everything does not have to be

John Wage is a county physician in the state administration in Trondheim. He says the complaint is serious.

– It describes the patient’s serious and tragic conditions, after he was transferred to Klæbu Health and Welfare Center, Vaage says.

He points out that the state administrator has not yet had time to go carefully on the matter as they are still waiting for further answers.

John Waugh

District Physician John Vaz.

Photo: Stein Roarlight / NRK

– We have received a response to the complaint from the municipality, where they explain what they did and confirm that everything was not going well.

Now they have sent these answers to the complainant so that they have the opportunity to comment and provide input to the municipality’s answers.

– We have set a response deadline of July 4th. However, due to a holiday settlement with the state executive, the case will not be closed until the summer, Vaz concludes.

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