The story is just one miracle after another

The story is just one miracle after another

On Tuesday, 64-year-old Kenneth Allen was scheduled to fly from the Bahamas to Florida in a small Cessna plane. But as they approach the Florida coast, the unimaginable happens:

The pilot starts talking boisterously and states that he feels unwell. Then he faints.

– I have a big problem

None of the passengers had any idea how the plane had flown, and the audio recordings of the conversation between the tower and one of the passengers, Darren Harris, who had to grab the cranes, could give anyone goosebumps:

– I have a big problem. The pilot fainted, and I have no idea how to fly, says Harrison when he calls the flight tower.

Hear the audio recording at the top of the case.

– I knew that if I did nothing, we would die. So I leaned over the pilot’s body, grabbed the levers and began slowly pulling them up and turning, says Darren Harrison (39).

He received a lot of attention after the amazing story became known.

– People ask me every possible thing what it was like on that plane. “It was the hand of God on that plane,” Harrison told NBC Today.

He says he sent his thoughts to his pregnant wife home. He was determined not to die that day.

Summon Flight Instructor

The tower quickly called in a former flight instructor who was an expert on Cessna jets. Robert Morgan instructed Harrison, and managed to steer him well enough for a nice landing at the international airport in Palm Beach, Florida.

The pilot, who had been unconscious for some time, was taken into an ambulance and taken to hospital. It turns out he had a crack in the main artery.

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On Thursday – ten days after the accident – the hospital said Allen had now undergone surgery and that they expected to live. The surgeon says his recovery is amazing.

– Very strange

Surviving such a severe stroke is really unusual. This story is just one miracle after another, Patel said during a press conference.

Allen had a cerebral hemorrhage and required extensive medical treatment, and the operation lasted nine hours.

– It was really unusual that he got through. The first thing he said to me the morning after the operation was “When can I go home?” Patel tells the news agency AP

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