The stranded driver called out to Bernt: – Thank God

The stranded driver called out to Bernt: – Thank God
Accident: A bus and a construction machine collided in Tromsø on Monday.

The bus driver caught in the wreckage was talking to a colleague at the same time. The call was then disconnected.

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On Monday, a construction machine and a bus crashed on the E8 in Tromsø.

The bus driver was hit hard.

Bernd Windstad, one of the owners of the bus, says he was called by the driver.

– started talking about the damage to the bus. It doesn’t matter. Windstad tells VG that the people involved in the accident are important.

During the conversation, Windstad should have listened to others in the background. On the phone, Windstad says he wanted to try to get them to help, but it was difficult.

– At first they couldn’t get on the bus, the driver was completely stuck. After a while, the conversation stopped. At the time, I had no idea how serious it was.

Further Lofoten Post Office Mentioned the matter.

TROMSØ: Both drivers were taken to hospital after the incident.

Still in the hospital

Two persons were involved in the accident and there were no passengers in the bus.

Police told VG on Monday that the accident happened at a junction, where one vehicle was on the E8 and the other entered the E8 from a side road.

Roy Dore Meyer, operations manager at the Trams Police District, said one driver was injured and taken to hospital, while the other was taken to hospital for a check-up.

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Windstad said Wednesday afternoon that the driver of the bus was still in the hospital.

– We are constantly having conversations with him to find out what he needs from us. He is not in the hospital today, we will meet when he comes out. You shouldn’t make more drama out of it than the person wants. Windstad says the goal is to get him back into action once he feels ready.

Bernd Windstad (centre) with colleagues at Lofoten Tours. Here in a different context.

– Amazing silence

Windstad says it didn’t sound too dramatic when he spoke to the driver on the phone.

– He was surprisingly calm and said that he was involved in a traffic accident. It could happen, I thought, and it didn’t sound so dramatic.

He says it is gratifying that both drivers escaped with minor injuries.

– The driver was lucky, thank God for that.

Windstad pointed out that some media used images of the bus with the visible logo after the incident, which he was not happy about.

– For the company’s part, it can’t say anything. On the other hand, the next of kin should not know about the accident through the media. I was very angry about it, says Windstad.

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