The strange diet of King Charles

The strange diet of King Charles

King Charles (73) A strict daily routine must be followed, according to a former press secretary. Julian Payne, as he is called, has the opposite national news Uncover everything from what the King eats for breakfast to what the daily chores look like.

In the wake of The death of Queen Elizabeth Interest in the new king is greater than before. He’s been watched with a hawk eye for the past few weeks and everything He vows carefully.

Now it’s his daily routine that gets column space. According to Payne, King Charles must follow a strict daily routine – whether he changes now that he’s king.

Frustrating: Here, British King Charles gets frustrated while signing. Video: Reuters / British swimming pool
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Fruit and seed salad

According to Payne, King Charles (then a prince) started his day with breakfast. He explains that for a long time there were rumors that the then prince had to choose between a number of boiled eggs every morning – however, this is not true.

The former press secretary says the King eats fruit and seed salad every morning, with a cup of tea.

accurate man

Payne described the King as a man who does things carefully. After breakfast there were meetings and then he made sure everything was properly reviewed.

He used to invite the best minds and most experienced people to listen to their ideas and advice, says Payne.

critic: On Saturday 10 September, King Charles signed the documents that would make him King of Great Britain. Two clips from the session went viral. They have been viewed over 22 million times on Twitter.

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Also, the social class of the people he met must not matter much to the king.

He does not distinguish between the rich and those who lived the harshest lives. He is interested in the people, not the situation.

drop lunch

Pine says the King usually takes a break at one o’clock, but he doesn’t eat lunch. He even uses the time to go out for a walk to get some fresh air.

New king: Se og Hør’s Royal House expert, Caroline Vagel, on King Charles’ accession to the throne now. Reporter: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV
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The king does not eat his next meal until five o’clock with his wife, Queen Camilla (75). Payne says they eat sandwiches and fruitcake and drink tea together before King Charles returns to work.

The king works from the right until midnight, and is interrupted only by dinner at half past nine every evening.

like his mother

King Charles being someone who follows a certain routine is reminiscent of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth. She, too, was a routine person.

the queen ate it The same meal for 70 years. Former chef of the British royal family, Darren McGrady, previously stated that the Queen prefers Kellogg’s Special K.

It is said that she also used to eat some fruit for breakfast every morning.

roam the world: Not everything went exactly as planned during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Reporter: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV
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