The strange situation is spreading quickly

The strange situation is spreading quickly

It’s easy to get a little frustrated when things aren’t going well in sports.

Oftentimes, television images have captured iconic moments, such as when tennis star John McEnroe criticized referee 40 years ago, or when Mike Tyson clipped Evander Holyfield’s ear during a famous 1997 boxing match.

But it’s not just on the bigger stage that emotions can take over a little. During a cricket match between two villages in England recently, things went wrong for two players.

In extreme frustration, one player must throw his racket away. As the opposing team cheers heartily after scoring points, TV pictures capture a player named M. Evans”, who throws a bat at his teammate.

This isn’t the first time things have gone wrong on the cricket ground.

Unlucky: This clip from a cricket match in Yorkshire, England went viral on the Internet. Reporter: Anton Lier/Dagbladet TV. Video: KameraOne
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Evans quickly realized what he had done, and ran away to his unfortunate fellow. In the end, the referee also comes in to make sure that the player who has hit the racket is doing well. The judge who, by the way, comes walking with a pint of beer in his hand.

It is not known how things went with his unfortunate colleague, but from the photos it can seem as if everything went well.

A number of media outlets have covered the strange situation The video was played over a million times in 14 hours.

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