The super machine could send Tesla to heaven

The super machine could send Tesla to heaven

Morgan Stanley now expects a sharp rise in prices for Tesla, even after the stock market has doubled so far this year for the electric car maker.

Analysts of the American bank raised the target price for Tesla shares from $ 250 to $ 400, according to the report. Bloomberg. In addition, the recommendation was upgraded from “equal weight” to “excess weight”.

By comparison, the average price target for Tesla shares is $268.42, according to Bloomberg.

On Friday, Tesla stock finished at $248.50, giving a price increase of nearly 130 percent so far this year. However, the stock’s all-time high is $409.97, which was reached in November 2021.


Morgan Stanley analysts explain their new price target using supercomputer Dojo.

“The more we look at Dogo, the more we realize the potential for the stock to go down,” Morgan Stanley analysts said.

They estimate that the Dojo could make software and data services the biggest value driver for Tesla going forward, and that the supercomputer could give Tesla an “asymmetric advantage” in a potentially $10 trillion market.

Developed to train machine learning models and improve Tesla’s self-driving technology, Tesla Dojo is designed to handle massive amounts of data. Earlier this year, Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk announced that Tesla would invest more than $1 billion in the Dojo project this year and next.

Morgan Stanley analysts add that it could be worth having Tesla’s AI Day next year.

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