The Swedish King of Skateboarding won the Gold Thriller – VG

The Swedish King of Skateboarding won the Gold Thriller - VG
Swedish Superman: Nils van der Poel (25) won Olympic gold in the 5,000m and 10,000 a few weeks ago and holds the world long-distance record – now the all-round world champion.

Sweden’s long-distance king Nils van der Poel (25) lowered 12-year-old Kramer’s record in the 10,000-meter Vikings ship by about 10 seconds and broke Nederlands’ Patrick Roest (26) in the action thriller about the overall title in a thorough toilet.


– I do what I can. IM so happy. We’ll see enough. When Patrick Royst started his eco-racing, Nils van der Poel said in an interview with licensee Viaplay – it’s well deserved if Patrick (Roist) takes it, but I don’t hope he does.

There was never a golden match. Nils van der Poel was very strong, commented Viaplay’s Even Witten when Patrick Rost had two rounds left.

Thus, Van der Paul is the first Swede since 1973 to win the men’s World Cup overall. 49 years ago, Goran Claesson (74) won a four-game match in Deventer.

– Who would have thought that. “I’m a long-distance runner,” I told my coaches when I was 17 years old. Now I’m standing here. I could hardly dream of it. It’s a very strange feeling when this case is ready, says Nils van der Poel in an interview with Viaplay.

The World Cup final in Heerenveen next weekend is said to be his last competition. Nils van der Pol He decided his career as a runner was over.

Dutch Rost was the favorite to win another title in all respects. But it soon became clear that he did not have the ability to do this. Halfway through the race, the audience on the Viking ship can see Nils van der Poel smiling wider on the inner court.

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Full type: Patrick Roest was almost zero inside when he was supposed to penalize Nils van der Poel for the final distance in the overall restroom.

Roest had to continue on 13.03.28 to take the gold overall. Hans cracked really fast, took the time 13.26.08 and finished fifth in the distance—behind 20-year-old Sander Etrim (13.20,40). Peder Kungchoug, who partnered with Roest, was sixth with a time of 13.30.09.

Total inclusive toilets: 1) Nils van der Poel, Sweden 2) Patrick Rost, Netherlands, 3) Bart Swings, Belgium 4) Peder Kungshog, Norway 5) Sander Itrim, Norway.

Hallger Ingebraten (22) won Bronze medal in the 5000m race at the Beijing Olympics and Team Speed ​​Gold Medal with Peder Kongshaug and Sverre Lunde Pedersen. However, Engebråten tested positive for covid-19 just before the tournament began and therefore the start was refused. Sverre Lunde Pedersen (29) was smashed for Kongshaug (20) and Sander Eitrem (20) after the 1500m and 5000m qualifying races after the Olympics.

FUTURE MAN: Peder Kongshaug (20) ranked fourth overall in the Viking ship’s overall water cycle. At the Olympics a few weeks ago, he led Team Norway’s rhythm team to the gold medal and was 15/100 out of third in the 1500m.

Yetrim and Kongchoge were among the eight runners who qualified after the 500, 1500 and 5,000m “finals” for the 10,000m aboard the Viking on Sunday afternoon.

– That’s high class, Viaplay expert Ida Njåtun commented when he finished Eitrem at 13.20,40.

Nils van der Poel (25) could play in the duos after – against Bart Swings – a bout against general candidate Patrick Roest, who waited in the last pair against Peder Kungschug. World record holder for Sweden (12.30.74 in 10,000) and Double Olympic long-distance gold medalist, was encouraged by his coach Johann Roegler. About time less than Sven Kramer’s record from 2009 – 12.50.96.

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– What a race! Viaplay-Njåtun shrieked as Van der Poel swung after a final round of 29.44 in exemplary fashion to 12.41.54.

– Van der Paul coach Johann Roegler says he’s always able to deliver – and he’s clearly mobile and happy.

Nils van der Pol Thus lowering former skateboarding king Kramer’s record by about 10 seconds.

With 6.56.83 in the final 5000 meters position Ragne Wiklund (21) is in a very good position to win a bronze medal in the World Cup overall. But there was a lack of 60/100 in her favour – in general noteworthy – when Antoinette de Jong finished 7.04.45 in the next pair.

The Fiablay Inner Court commentator immediately congratulated Wicklund for the ‘bronze’. However, she herself was clear that he was slipping.

Ragne Wiklund (21) believes a slight turn and change in the 1,500m earlier on Sunday stole her from the podium in the all-around toilet at home. She opted to step back in the role and had to withdraw – to duo opponent Ayano Sato of Japan – on the exchange side to avoid disqualification.

– I ran four very good races. Then I feel like changing the 1500 is really bad. I didn’t expect it, says Ragne Wiklund in an interview with licensee Viaplay.

Women’s overall toilet: 1) Irene Schouten, Netherlands 158,974, 2) Mino Takagi, Japan 159.305 (3.31 behind), 3) Antoinette de Jong, Netherlands 159,798 (8.24 behind), 4) Rani Weklund, Norway 159.858 (8.84) boxes), 5) Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic 161,118 (21,44 boxes)

Palin Glab: Ragen Weklund had to see that he was fourth in the championship.
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