The Swedish TV presenter died in an accident: now the case is closed

The Swedish TV presenter died in an accident: now the case is closed
Death: Patrick Grimlund is best known from the Swedish “Luksusfallen”.

The police closed the investigation after the car accident in which Swedish TV presenter Patrick Grimlund (50) died.


On January 8 of this year, Grimlund collided with a truck outside Mariefred in Strängnäs municipality in Sweden. The TV personality died in the accident, leaving behind a wife and four children.

In the van sat a woman and a man in their 40s, both of whom had been taken to hospital for a check-up, according to Aftonbladet. The truck driver spoke later Aftonbladet It was slippery on the small roads, but the larger roads were dry and the road surface was fine.

After the accident, the police conducted an investigation. Today it became clear that the police are now closing the case.

– The case was dropped without suspicion of a crime and will not be investigated again, says Johnny Gustafsson, a police spokesman for the Eastern Province.

in grief

His wife, Sarah Grimmlund, expressed her great grief after the incident.

– I don’t just grieve for someone I love. Dad to my kids, you write on Instagram.

She also writes that Patrick has been a part of everything in her life and the lives of her children.

– I mourn the life we ​​lived together, and now I am forced to build a new life against my will. You write that something here seems unbelievable.

Mourning: Patrick and Sarah Grimmlund at the Jassel Gala in Stockholm in 2012. Sarah Grimmlund is mourning after the loss of her husband.

– different values

Grimlund trained as an economist and in the period 2010-2017 was the presenter of the Swedish program “Luxusfallen”. When interviewed by Aftonbladet in May 2022, he described the presenter role as demanding.

– Some of my former production colleagues did not think that the way of working suited them, we have completely different values ​​\u200b\u200babout work and what is needed.

He told Aftonbladet he was glad he had learned so much in the process.

Above all, I’ve learned that it pays to stick to your core values ​​and not waver in the wind. So moving forward was an easy decision.

When Aftonbladet spoke to Grimlund, he was working on investing in and mentoring new and small businesses.


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