The Taliban go door to door looking for people

The Taliban go door to door looking for people
Taliban gunmen patrolling the streets of Kabul.

The Taliban are said to have drawn up blacklists of people who have cooperated with Western allies.

Earlier this week, the extremist fundamentalist rebel group surprised the Taliban. At first, they managed to capture the Afghan capital, Kabul, without meeting any resistance. In a short time, they can practically take power in the country and huge amounts of military equipment financed by NATO countries.

They then promised not to retaliate after assuming power during a historic press conference.

But now there are reports that tell a different story.

According to a report carried by Reuters news agency and major news organizations, the Taliban is going door to door to find people on its blacklist of people who worked for the previous government as well as with Western allies.

The report was prepared by the Norwegian Center for Global Analytics RHIPTO. This is a company that provides independent intelligence reporting and is shared in the United Nations system. The present report is shared with the people and departments of the United Nations.

He must have sent letters

The report stated on Wednesday that “the Taliban are intensifying their search for individuals and collaborators with the old regime, and if this does not work, they will continue to arrest and punish the families according to their own interpretation of Sharia.”

Sharia is Islamic law. The report is attached to a letter that appears to be an official letter from the seal of the Military Committee of the Afghan Islamic Emirate.

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It should be addressed to someone the Taliban believes has worked closely with US and British forces. So the person is required to register.

“If you do not inform the committee, family members will be punished instead,” the letter read.

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– The narrative presented at the press conference, according to which the Taliban has become kind, is incredibly naive. This tells a different story, says Kristian Nelemann, director of the Norwegian Center for Global Analytics.

The message is believed to show that this is “not a random witch hunt” by random, uncontrolled groups. He says everything about the Taliban is information.

– Now they travel to mosques and Havala centers to get more information, says Neilman.

But what happens to those who are caught?

We do not know the fate of the detainees. But from what we know historically, they risk arrest, torture, and execution, Neilman says.

18,000 evacuees

So far this week, 18,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan through Kabul airport, according to Reuters. But many Afghans who worked with NATO allies remain.

The military part of the airport is the only area in the country that is still under the control of Western military forces. Chaos continues in and outside the airport. The Taliban guard the airport gates.

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The Taliban also controls all border crossings. Thus, what happens to those who do not have access to the airport is uncertain. According to the head of the Norwegian Center for Global Analytics, Christian Nelemann, these are at risk.

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According to Neleman, the Taliban are now conducting house-to-house searches for people who worked in Western countries or who were special forces or police.

The United Nations has not commented on the contents of the report, nor has it been confirmed by other authorities.

However, the Taliban are now known to be patrolling the streets. But the governments of several countries have so far said that the situation is fairly calm in Kabul, except for the airport.

Journalists are also at risk. A relative of a journalist working for Deutsche Welle was killed by the Taliban. It states announcer Self. It is said that the Taliban went from house to house in search of the journalist, who is now in Germany. Instead, the journalist killed one family member and injured another.


The Taliban are said to have prepared lists of those they want to control, and according to the New York Times, there are more and more stories of revenge.

Thousands of Afghan soldiers and security forces have fled the country in recent weeks. But tens of thousands remained. They write that they are now on the run and trying to hide from the Taliban New York times.

There is no way out, says Farid, an Afghan commando, in a short letter to the New York Times. It is hiding in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan.

Came in July Human Rights Watch With a report saying that Taliban insurgents launched retaliatory attacks in the areas they occupied. They are said to have arrested and killed people suspected of being members of the previous board, as well as of the security forces. In addition, a famous comedian was killed in Kandahar. It is said that the reason is that he is mocking Taliban leaders on Tik Tok, according to Human Rights Watch.

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An Amnesty International report said Taliban fighters killed nine Hazara men after they seized Ghazni province in July.

There is now mounting pressure on the United States and other Western countries due to the chaos surrounding the evacuation. August 19 marks Afghan Independence Day, which marks independence from Britain 102 years ago. Then several protests broke out in different cities in Afghanistan, and shots were reportedly fired.

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