The Taliban move to Kabul – VG

The Taliban move to Kabul – VG

Shuttle: US helicopters fly in and out of the embassy area Sunday morning. Photo: Rahmat Gul / AP

The hardline Islamic Taliban movement is said to have begun to enter the Afghan capital, Kabul, from all sides on Sunday morning.


Status is updated.

On Sunday morning, US helicopters flew to and from the US embassy area.

At the same time, armored diplomatic vehicles leave the embassy – as part of the evacuation of American citizens in Afghanistan.

The evacuation began just hours before the Taliban were reported to have entered Kabul.

It happened around 09:30 Norwegian time, according to Reuters news agency, referring to a statement issued by the Afghan Interior Ministry.

Soon after, the news agency reported that the Taliban had ordered its soldiers to refrain from acts of violence in the Afghan capital. They also urged the forces to provide safe passage for anyone who chooses to leave the city and to ask the women to move to safe places.

Just before 09.50 a.m., several employees of the European Union delegation in the city were said to have been moved to a secret, safer location, according to a NATO spokesperson.

Learn about the capitals of the provinces controlled by the Taliban now:

News of a shooting at the Republican Palace

Spokesmen confirmed to Reuters earlier on Sunday morning that the United States had begun evacuating the embassy.

The news came at the same time as the Taliban conquered Jalalabad, The fifth largest city in Afghanistan.

The group controls all major cities in the country, with the exception of Kabul. They also control four large cities located on the main roads to the capital.

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According to the Turkish Anadolu news agency, shooting was heard near the presidential palace at 09:30 Norwegian time.

The AP news agency reported at 08.30 Norwegian time that helicopters landed in the embassy area at the same time as diplomatic vehicles were leaving the embassy.

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