January 30, 2023


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THE TEST: This car gave me power – the Škoda Elegance Coupe IV RS

I had a technologically disappointing but generally positive experience with the Škoda Enyaq iV RS Coupe.

Introduction and specifications

The model I tested (2023 year) has a price of NOK 637,100. The starting price is NOK 587,000.

The range can be up to 510 kilometers depending on the model. The one we tested had less than 400 km to travel with.

For this price you get:

RS also has this:

And the model we tested also has this, pushing the price up to more than NOK 600,000:

We’re sorry to dump so many specs and features at you at once, but it’s important to at least get a rough overview.

when it is calculated; It’s hard not to think of the ID.5 GTX.

me I tested it this summerAnd, as Skoda owners, there will be plenty of borrowing from Volkswagen’s own cars. Some of them are very positive, and some of them are not so good.

It will also be seen that the two cars share much more than the same owner.


Optimized for maximum interior space. This is what the design is for, because it is otherwise anonymous and communicative to the extent that it indicates it Somethingthat there is a lot of space.

Do you feel like I already have a clear opinion about the design? Yes, you can say that. I think part of the problem is that the inside doesn’t speak for the inside.

You almost find racing chairs in this handlebar and a steering wheel that invites you to use it. In addition to that, we also find the rather strange color combinations which I think I’m trying to say”I’m athletic“,” But that’s not very reflected when you see the car from the side.

It’s possible that the car could have benefited from being tested in a different color, and it’s possible that the stripes would then be easier to see. Just check out Bright Red ID.5 GTX.

Like I said, it’s a different car inside.

You can sit very low with these stools. The steering wheel is shaped with a racing feel with extra grip in two places on top – otherwise the steering column is a bit too thin for me at its thinnest, but let it go: It’s also comfortable to hold at the bottom of the steering wheel where there’s a plastic spacer. With a car like this with so much help, you won’t end up grabbing the steering wheel anyway.

You also find a sporty design for the area around the screen with a soft material that I’m worried might get dirty after a few years. It could easily be washed off, I won’t say anything about that.

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We need to talk about space. Space matters. It’s nice to feel like you have something left even after shopping. However, the trunk is surprisingly small Extremely deep. There is no box in front.

As usual, you will only find one wireless charging point for your mobile phone. I don’t quite get it, but maybe they can’t accommodate two people without having to make major changes.

On the left side of the steering wheel, you’ll find voice control (I gave up quickly) and a button for steering wheel heating, which I really appreciate being able to activate so easily.

There is also a manual “brake boost” increase or decrease when the throttle is released to be found on either side for “sports driving”.


Hot topic, one might say. So inflamed that this might have been the one Contributing factor in the expulsion of the former president.

Sometimes I had to authorize CarPlay on mobile again even though I had authorized the connection several times before.

So what about a Skoda car? After all, I complained about the very poorly performing software in the VW ID.5 GTX.

Here I am and I have good news and bad news: the experience is not And therefore Syrup was processed into the software ID.5 earlier this year, but I would still like a better performance to elevate the experience of using the software.

Maybe Volkswagen made it bad on purpose so that it would follow the road?

And I mean, the interface overall doesn’t look that great – it’s about what you might imagine a car manufacturer with no programming experience would end up with, with some unprofessional backgrounds, unprofessional looking icons and otherwise an interface that would have worked better if it had been put in place. It has two menus and not just icons that lead to settings that lead to more “hidden” options.

By that I mean a row on the left with categories you can change, hit one and those settings will be retrieved, but the category row remains – this way it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for. As it stands now, you have to get in and out of heaps of menus. It takes time, and it doesn’t help that the performance is below par.

The advantage is that the car supports Apple CarPlay. The interface is pretty much Apple’s favorite, but I ran into random connection issues, even though I signed into the car with my profile (you don’t have to be an owner to enjoy this!). Sometimes I had to agree to use CarPlay on the iPhone, other times not.

There are also oddities to be found such as not being able to activate the steering wheel heating and foot warmer at the same time from the quick heat settings at the same time, or combinations: instead you have to activate the steering wheel heating on the steering wheel and use the software for the second. OK…?

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You should not put your trust in the overview of the search for places to ship. Try an app or Google Maps, and you’ll find charging stations in many stops much closer than the one offered by the car.

in use

I couldn’t wait to get here. I’ve now spent a lot of time talking about things I’m not particularly happy about. Now we’ve come to the part where Skoda and VW’s electric vehicle platform comes to the rescue, because of course this is a team game.

the foolTo rest. For a platform, Volkswagen owns – My VW ID.5 GTX test title reverse this.

It is no longer the case that you deplete energy and carbs by driving, especially in the winter – the driver Shipping Yes, when you drive this!

It’s no nonsense: I’ve always enjoyed driving, but I’ve never experienced coming home with warm, balanced energy. That is even after driving up a cold mountain.

The car is probably well supported by the 21 rims, because the car sticks to the road.

Combined with the absolutely fantastic lighting technology, I’ve never felt more secure even in tough winter conditions. You are well helped on dark winter evenings by adaptive matrix lights.

It’s a really cool technology that makes it possible to turn on the high beams, even if it’s a car Right in front of you.

How do? Because they form around light sources and objects, and only shine where they are black. It’s hard to exaggerate the downside of giving up this feature.

From an engineering perspective, I can’t explain why a car is so comfortable to drive, but I do know that having driving assistance relieves stress and makes you more alert.

This is not a Tesla that can drive you in the US from A to Z by pointing to where you want to drive on the map, you have to keep your hands constantly on the steering wheel and steering, but the car cares so much that you could use more energy to continue, and time Less adjusting distance, and the energy required to keep the vehicle centered in the lane.

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With adaptive cruise control and a “head-up display” you largely avoid screen use and therefore also slow software.

As usual, there are several driving modes to choose from, but quite frankly, I noticed slight differences between them. Sport, Eco or Comfort: It was the same for me. I activated the Sport for testing, and while I found acceleration to be somewhat quicker, it’s not a speed beast.

What you should be aware of when changing modes is that in Comfort mode you cannot manually force brake regeneration using the levers, which you can do in Sport mode.

I’m also not happy that everything stops and you have to start over the second you get out of the driver’s seat. I understand that you want to optimize energy use, but there have to be limits.

Despite a lot going on on the screen, there are still good old-fashioned buttons. Personally, I love “Material Shortcuts”.

You’ll also appreciate the quick heat settings, as I mentioned earlier, and you’ll want to use the window heating function more often than you think in the winter.


You have to accept the bad software in order to have the most exceptional driving experience.

Unfortunately, this, like most others, is not guaranteed for fully autonomous driving. “Full self-driving,” as Tesla calls it, is still so unstable that it won’t often calm you down while driving, but it will drain your energy.

The ID.5 GTX and Skoda are very comfortable cars that also give you so much driving assistance that in the vast majority of cases you will arrive at your destination relaxed and not exhausted. As an ordinary 2013 motorist, the difference is huge. It’s not the same sport.

Smart home lights are a great winter help for large parts of the year in this part of the world, and you don’t need to mess with software to activate them. In this way, Skoda and VW do not push the boundaries: there are enough physical buttons, and the steering wheel with cruise control is controlled with a small lever to which I am always used to.

For the car to be slower than the saying goes on the inside, so be it. In any case, charging an electric car is now more expensive.