The Tour de Ski begins with a brisk run: Finn-Hågen Krogh thinks the tension is over

The Tour de Ski begins with a brisk run: Finn-Hågen Krogh thinks the tension is over
FAVORITE: Klæbo has won the Tour de Ski twice, in 2019 and last season.

Today it is ready for the 17th edition of the Tour de Ski. Former national team runner Finn Hagen-Krogh believes the tension is over before it even begins this time around.


Krug finished on the podium Tour de ski In 2016, he succeeded Martin Johnsrud Sundby, but ahead of Sergey Ostgogov.

The Tour de Ski offered thrills and duels, and it took eight more Tour de Skis before there was a Norwegian winner. Krug now thinks there will be a Tour with a battle between the two Norwegian runners.

– Unfortunately, it relieves stress quite a bit. Effort is important, so it’s clearly an issue. Krug says he is heading for massive Norwegian dominance.

Lounge Venue: Finn Hagen-Krug (TV) finished second in the Tour de Ski in 2016. Martin Johnsrud Sundby won, and Sergey Ostgogov finished third.

He has He struggled with the top level in recent years A must watch tour on TV.

– I think the biggest competitor is Callie Halvarsson. He has a higher level which is the platform. But the biggest battle will be internal for the Norwegian team. (Johannes Hosflute) Klæbo is a favorite with (Pål) Golberg. They master absolutely everything, sprint and long distance, classics and skiing. Krug says Federico Pellegrino lacks the distance to fight at the top.

At the sprint in Davos, there was an intense final sprint between Pellegrino and Klæbo, which finished as follows:

Pekka Holopainen has written about cross-country skiing in the main Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat for years. He thinks Finland has a little more to offer this time around.

Of the men, no one can challenge Norway, so it won’t be exciting. Since Russia left and since Iivo (Niskanen) was infected with Corona, the level has dropped significantly compared to what it was before, unfortunately, Holopainen tells VG.

Niskanen signed Corona in November and is running his first World Cup race of the season when the Tour de Ski starts at speed on New Year’s Eve.

FIS had to change the course of the enemy in accordance with the requirements of Norway, Because it was dangerous:

In 2014 it came Therese Johaug and Martin Johnsrud Sundby up the Beast Hill first and took Norway’s first win of the Tour.

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– It can be exciting between the ladies, because Johaug has given up and Swedish ladies are nowhere near their best, says Holopainen.

Will you watch the Tour de Ski on TV?

Finn-Hågen Krogh also believes that women can deliver an exciting tour.

– They’re the ones keeping the attention now. There are no clear favorites, but Frida Carlson must have a little favorite stamp. It has a higher high-mids, but it struggles a bit to be consistent, Krug tells VG.

American Jessie Diggins is one of the favorites before the Tour de Ski. After the World Cup race in Davos, she needed help:

There are four Norwegians among the top six in the men’s World Cup overall: Gulberg is ahead of Klæbo, Pellegrino is number three, Hans-Christer Holland is number four, while Martin Lostrom-Ninget is number six.

Among women, six countries are in the top six: Terrell Odense Wong ahead of Jessie Deggins from the United States of America, Krista Parmakoski from Finland came in third place, followed by Sweden’s Verda Carlson, while Swiss Nadine Vandrich came in fifth place, while Germany’s Katarina Hennig ranked sixth.

NRK expert Frederick Auckland was a former national team coach in Switzerland, who could have enjoyed four joint victories for Dario Colonna. He gave up, and the best Swiss in the Men’s World Cup is Valerio Grund at 38th.

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Aukland is looking forward to the Tour de Ski and believes it is an important concept for cross-country skiing.

– Among women, it is more open and exciting with many countries participating in the battle for victory in individual races. I think Frieda Carlson is the big candidate, Oakland says.

He is also skeptical about whether there will be tension between the men.

– I fear Norwegian dominance with Klæbo and Golberg as candidates. Oakland says I’m looking forward to Niskanen in some races, but we have to expect the biggest competition from France, Sweden and Pellegino.

Many consider Swedes favorite Frida Carlsson to be the pre-Tour de Ski favorite:

Christopher Bergstrom at Sweden’s Aftonbladet refuses to let the Norwegian men win before it begins.

– Who can challenge Kali? Up front, it’s going to be tough for their guys, but if Gulberg gets a good dose of luck, maybe he’ll keep up, Bergstrom says with a smile.

He believes in tension to the core.

– Give it three or four stages, I think we can count on big changes and surprises, says Bergstrom.


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