The trampoline flew: – Very different experience

The trampoline flew: - Very different experience

The police are coming together Clear call To protect all the loose material in the autumn storm, it is now destroying the eastern and western parts.

At Sandness, people noticed how air balls could be caught.

Frank Jarley Holman received a chin drop on Friday when he witnessed firsthand what the forces of nature are capable of.

He heard the wind howling and had to go outside to see many surprising, strong winds.

I saw the whole trampoline take off, soar in the air, and then land on the roof of the house next door, Holman tells TV2.

According to Holman, the adjoining house trampoline circled about 20 meters in the air and about 40 meters beyond the house, where it fell back down and got stuck in a chimney on the roof.

Filmed crash landing

Holman ran to himself to pick up his mobile phone so he could document the incident.

When he came out again, the trampoline was hanging there.

– It hung there for a while, probably ten minutes, Holman says.

Fresh air loosened the trampoline from the air chimney so that it fell into the grass below.

– This is a very strange chapter. I think I will never experience anything like that again.

TV2 did not succeed in communicating with the trampoline and the family who owns the house.

Danger warning

On Sunday, the storm hit both western and eastern Norway.

Although the wind is creating the biggest problems in the west, it is blowing hard in eastern Norway.

Yellow risk level for rain and landslides, as well as orange risk level for flooding in eastern Norway.

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– Therefore, residents of Oslo, Perm and Askar are encouraged to open clogged drains and sewers, protect loose objects and at least stay away from flooded waters, police say. Strong winds are blowing in Rockland and western Norway on Sunday.

They encourage people to protect loose items and avoid unnecessary traffic in windy areas.

Although trampolines do not fly often, Frank Jorle Holman each has a clear motivation to protect their trampolines.

– Even if the wind lies a little, they say it will blow again. And here came the wind that suddenly took the trampoline. So be careful, Holman says.

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