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Politibil utenfor politistasjonen ved siden av klinikken.

– How hard will it be when NRK finds him? I have no words, says Sweeney R. Astot.

Today he was to testify in court against the doctor who mistakenly operated on him.

– I created a folder and devised a strategy. I have been involved in this work since the trial date was announced.

But yesterday he received an SMS from the district court saying that the case has been adjourned indefinitely.

– I was afraid it would be like that. It’s a whole buzz. I’m afraid everything will go away.

Svein Are Auestad has worked hard to prepare what to say in the investigation against the doctor who injured himself. He should always wear a pain patch on the hand.

Photo: Carrie Jepstol Ernstsen / NRK

Gerlan Omarchanov was allowed to work as a chief physician in orthopedics for many years without being an orthopedist. He was injured and operated on several dozen patients at Sorland Hospital.

He is now charged, but only for one operation; Activity of Svein Are Auestad. The police consider the remaining cases to be outdated.

As a case was dropped As a result of police misconductWhen they forgot to send one along Links in email. So Omarchanov is not charged in this case.

Many attempts have been made

The case has been adjourned as the police have not won To provide a charge sheet To the doctor within the deadline. By law, this should not happen within three days of the start of the trial.

The chargesheet was released on March 22. Almost two months ago.

During this period, German police made several attempts to apprehend Omarchano, according to police prosecutor Hans Olav Royer.

– In such cases, the Norwegian police relied on the help of German authorities.

This was done by Eurojust, a co-operative body for lawyers in Europe.

German police have sent letters and emails. According to Royer, in addition to going to his personal address several times, they also tried to call Omarchano.

But as the NRK found, Omarchanov no longer resides at the address he listed in the state of Bavaria, where he was fired from a clinic a year ago.

Works in the same building

NRK recently reported that Omarchanov has got a job at a new clinic in the neighboring state.

Has worked there for several months.

When the NRK went in search of him in early March, it was on information from German health officials.

There is a local police station next to the clinic where he works.

NRK contacted the police today. They say they do not know about this case.

Late information Local police called the police headquarters in the state Hair Involved.

The windows of the clinic where the doctor works.

Here, in this clinic, Gerlan Omarchanov performed surgery on patients in recent months. The local police station is in the same building.

The investigation was conducted

After being fired from his first clinic, police in Bavaria began investigating Omarchano.

They then sent a letter to his address, but did not respond to a request for comment.

The public prosecutor says he was unaware that they had not received any request to help file the indictment.

Royer says he does not know from German police who tried to catch Omarchano. And Eurojust does not answer NRK’s ​​questions.

Norwegian police have had the opportunity to call Omarchano for the service of the indictment.

This is done if the person is suspected to be in hiding with the police.

According to police prosecutor Roy, Omarchanov was wanted earlier, but is not currently charged.

Have to wait

The NRK made several attempts to get Omarchano to speak. He and his German lawyer, Benjamin Schmidt, declined to comment on the case.

The trial of one of the misdemeanors has been adjourned to August 25.

Svein Are Auestad is living with severe pain after surgery in 2019 and they are getting worse.

He has recently been using his strength to prepare for trial. Now he has to wait several more months.

Sweeney is Austot

Svein Are Auestad cut off almost the entire thumb. He must have had surgery by a hand specialist, but Christian Sand Omarchanov took the job.

Photo: Private

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