The Udall Wind Power Plant remains out of service after rotor blades fell

The Udall Wind Power Plant remains out of service after rotor blades fell

BARBERT: The mill on the left only has two of its three blades left after one broke and fell on April 10. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solom/NTB

In April, a 22-ton turbine blade broke at the Udall Wind Power Plant. Since then, all the wind turbines have stopped moving. The loss can amount to several hundred million kroner and exceed what the turbine manufacturer covers.

The website says so European power Based on Quarterly report to Cloudberry Clean Energy, which owns a third of the wind farm.

Here it also turns out that the 34 wind turbines may not be producing as usual until the end of the year.

– Everyone stands still

-Everyone is silent as of today. They have been doing this since April 10 in the evening, the wind power plant's general manager, Lars Talhaug, tells VG.

He says that when the turbine blade fell, 19 of the 34 turbines were running.

– Damages were found on others. There have been production errors in several suites and they have been shut down awaiting repair, Thalhaug says.

There is still a 100 meter safety zone around the wind turbine except for the area where the rotor blade has fallen. There are 250 metres.

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– Can you guarantee that wind turbines are safe for local residents and other travelers nearby?

– Yes, of course. So, everything has been stopped and is being checked again, says Talog.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solom/NTB

Check all

Tallhaug did not wish to comment on Cloudberry's quarterly report. Here it appears that the financial loss may be greater than what the manufacturer Siemens Gamesa promised to cover.

The maximum guarantee for the first two years is 20.8 million euros or just over 240 million kroner, and in the first quarter it is estimated that Odal Vind's claim will already reach 14-17 million euros. It is also reported that the cap is expected to be exceeded later this year.

– When will all the wind turbines be produced?

– When one wing fell off, we had to check them all again. The schedule has been reset. Now everyone has finished examining the outside and we are now starting inside, says Tallhaug to VG.

Normal production towards the end of the year

According to Cloudberry's quarterly report, the first turbines will return to operation in the coming weeks.

It is expected that 16 turbines will be produced by the end of July.

The turbine must be restarted One after One Review work on all 217-meter turbines is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter.

Therefore, production is expected to reach normal levels by the end of 2024, according to the quarterly report.

The wind power plant is located east of Minnesund, on the border between Inlandet and Viken counties, and is owned by KLP, Akershus Energi Vind and Cloudberry. There are 23 turbines at Songkolen and 11 turbines at Engerfjellet.

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