The Ukrainian jumper thanks Granerud for the support: – I’m sure of winning

The Ukrainian jumper thanks Granerud for the support: – I’m sure of winning
The Ukrainian jumper thanks Granerud for the support: – I’m sure of winning
THANK YOU: Halvor Egner Granrod (III) came out to support Ukraine on the anniversary of the war. Vitaliy Kalinichenko (TV) appreciates it very much.

PLANICA (VG) Halvor Egner Granerud (26) used the anniversary of the invasion to request support for Ukraine. Ukrainian jumpers appreciate it very much.


– I don’t know Granrod very well, but he’s a good guy and his support is important. We are grateful to everyone who supports us, – says Vitaliy Kalinichenko (29) to VG.

He fell as the first person off the list of those who qualified for the regular Saturday hill race in WC. But he has much more important things to think about.

In a message on Twitter, Halvor Egner Granerud marked the anniversary by calling for increased support for Ukraine:

“It’s been a year since the Europe I’ve known all my life has changed. The war is still going on and help is still needed.”

– I will never forget the day Russia invaded Ukraine. I remember it like it was yesterday, says Vitaliy Kalinichenko when he was met by the VG in the interview area.

– We were at a training camp in Poland. I haven’t been to Ukraine for a year and three days. But after the restroom I hope to be back.

Immediately after the invasion, he and his immediate family moved to Germany, where they have remained ever since. He has gone from Germany to show jumping around the world.

They are shooting at our cities. They are killing our women and children. Our army is only fighting the army of the Russians. While the Russians are bombing our civilian population, says the Ukrainian.

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The VG envoy at WC first apologizes that we only speak Russian, not Ukrainian, but Kalinichenko thinks it’s a good thing when we introduce ourselves as Norwegians.

FAVORITE: Halvor Egner Granrod was only sixth in qualifying on Friday, but was still the favorite for Saturday’s World Cup on regular ground.

– What do you think about the International Olympic Committee playing with the idea of ​​allowing the Russians to participate in international tournaments again?

– Russia is an aggressor. I think they should be able to send their athletes to fight with athletes from civilized countries, I think it’s wrong when they bomb civilian targets in Ukraine at the same time.

– Do you believe in victory for Ukraine?

– Yes, I am sure of victory. Of course, I hope that the war will end as soon as possible, but I also understand that it must take as long as it takes.

When Halvor Egner Granerud comes to the interview area after qualifying on Friday, he speaks of his support for Ukraine.

– If my vote makes one additional person want to contribute, I think that’s a good thing.

He says he met Sander Trelvik, who was injured in a Russian attack while working as a volunteer aid worker in Ukraine, when they were both guests at Lindmo.

– After meeting him, I obviously want to support them. I thought the anniversary was an appropriate day.

– Do you have contact with Ukrainian footballers?

– I talk to them a little when I see them. I remember very well the first time we met after the war broke out. Was in Klingenthal this fall. It was great to meet them again. I really feel how lucky we are to be able to ‘tour’ around Norway and try to be the best at ski jumping – while having to perform at the same time because they have completely different and more important things to think about.

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