The United States and Canada: – Scientists were amazed:

The United States and Canada: – Scientists were amazed:

Some scientists now believe that turbulence in the jet stream is behind wildfires in Canada and extreme heat in the United States.

The latter lasted in some places for months, and about 100 million Americans faced either extreme heat or poor air quality.

- The most important job in Norway

– The most important job in Norway

change in air pressure

The jet stream, that is, a band of air that encircles the northern hemisphere at high altitudes, experiences large pressure differences that help determine atmospheric conditions in the exposed area.

The development in jet streams has led to high temperatures, and many temperature records are said to have been broken, according to CBS who mentioned it for the first time.

The same paper claims that many researchers now believe there is more reason to assume that disturbances in flow are strongly linked to climate change.

The result is that larger areas and regions are exposed to heat over a longer period of time – which in turn can cause – and lead to wildfires in Canada and poor air quality in the USA.

extreme conditions

Some climatologists in the United States argue that large changes in the jet stream could lead to more extreme weather.

Jennifer Francis, a senior scientist at the Woodwell Center for Climate Research in Massachusetts, argues that recent weather patterns fit this theory.

Climate change is pushing heat waves into more extreme regions every year. She adds that these wavy, lump-like patterns are consistent with what we expect to see in the future CBS.

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However, Francis stresses that it is difficult to assess whether the recent changes can be linked to global warming.

Consistent weather patterns

Kai Kornhuber, a researcher in climate analytics at Columbia University, believes that it is difficult to say whether the unusual jet streams can affect the weather to such a large extent.

However, he is sure that global warming could be important to air pressure.

– We see more stable atmospheric patterns, and the continuation of the jet stream results in a higher thermal effect, as he tells the same newspaper, and adds:

– If the potential heat wave heats up on Earth, and thus the land areas are exposed to the corresponding heat, then it is the warm air that causes the atmosphere to swell.

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