The United States bans the import of enriched uranium from Russia

The United States bans the import of enriched uranium from Russia

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says the goal is to end the United States' dependence on enriched uranium from Russia. Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP/NTP

The US President signed a law banning the import of Russian enriched uranium. American nuclear power plants use a large percentage of Russian enriched uranium.

The ban goes into effect within 90 days and only allows exceptions for imports from Russia if supply problems arise until 2027.

Russia is the largest supplier of enriched uranium in the world. It appears that about 24% of the uranium enriched in US nuclear power plants comes from Russia Announcement from the White House. The ban imposed by President Joe Biden was signed on Monday.

The law signed by Biden also opens up about $2.7 billion to finance the construction of the American uranium industry.

Today, President Biden signed a law that requires a number of historic actions and will strengthen our nation's energy security and economy by reducing and ultimately ending our dependence on Russia for civilian nuclear energy, says US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

He says the new law is a follow-up to a series of goals that the United States set with Canada, France, Japan and Great Britain last December. The plan includes a joint investment in which the five countries will invest $4.2 billion to expand the capacity to enrich uranium.

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