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Arkivfoto som viser den russiske svartehavsflåtens flaggskip Moskva

The warship sank on April 14 After he was hit by two Ukrainian missiles.

Ukrainian forces received some help from US intelligence when they deliberately hit the Russian warship “Moscow” in the Black Sea, writes CNN And NBC.

After a Russian warship was discovered in the Black Sea, Ukrainian forces contacted the United States to confirm that it was in fact “Moscow,” sources told CNN.

The US confirmed that it was “Moscow” and was said to have shared intelligence about the whereabouts of the ship.

The battleship was then located between 60 and 65 nautical miles south of the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

It is not known whether the United States knew that Ukraine would attack the ship. The United States was not involved in this decision, CNN wrote.

Fear of Putin’s reaction

The US role in the shipwreck has not been previously reported.

US officials are said to have expressed concern that reports of US intelligence sharing with Ukraine could cause Russian President Vladimir Putin to react with anger and provoke unpredictable behavior, NBC News writes.

The ship sank after being hit by two Ukrainian Neptune cruise missiles on April 14. There was a crew of 510 on board the ship. The Moscow was the largest Russian warship to sink in battle since World War II.

Russia denied the ship had been attacked and instead said it had started a fire which in turn exploded ammunition on board.

This, in turn, resulted in damage to the ship. Russia claimed that the entire crew was rescued.

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Refuses to be complicit in the assassination of Russian generals

On Thursday night, the New York Times wrote that US intelligence helped Ukrainian forces kill several Russian generals. The newspaper cited sources who said that Ukraine had received details about the expected troop movements, information on the location and other details, in real time. And that Ukraine used the information as well as its own intelligence to carry out targeted attacks.

“We do not provide information on the whereabouts of senior military commanders on the battlefield or participate in the Ukrainian military’s decisions about attacks,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

Kirby says Ukraine is making its own decisions about attacking Russian military leaders.

“Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide to them, with the intelligence they themselves obtained from the battlefield,” Kirby says.

The White House Security Council criticized the newspaper’s case, describing it as “irresponsible.”

The United States provides intelligence from the battlefield to help the Ukrainians defend their country. Council spokeswoman Adrian Watson says we are not giving them information with the intent to kill Russian generals.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby denied allegations that US intelligence led to the deaths of Russian generals.

Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

– They die in my hands

Ukrainian President Volodymyr said in his video address late Thursday evening that the Russian attacks on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol will not stop, although civilians must still be taken out.

– Women and many children there. Just imagine hell, with more than two months of constant shooting, shelling and death around the corner, he said.

He added that the Ukrainian authorities are doing everything in their power to find a solution to save their soldiers who are defending Mariupol, CNN writes.

They have a lot of wounds, but they don’t give up. They hold positions. He said we are trying to find solutions to give them security as well.

A Ukrainian army doctor asks Turkey to help evacuate sick and wounded Ukrainian civilians and soldiers from the Azovstal steel plants in Mariupol.

“People are dying at my hands because of the lack of antibiotics,” a doctor at the base said in a tweet to the Kyiv Independent newspaper online.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Verychuk said that on Friday the Ukrainian government will continue humanitarian corridors.

An aerial view of the bombing of the Azovstal steel plant.  The photo was shared on May 5, 2022.

An aerial view of the bombing of the Azovstal steel plant. The photo was shared on May 5, 2022.

Photo: AZOV REGIMENT / Reuters

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