The United States is believed to have passed a critical ‘tipping point’ for electric vehicles – E24

The United States is believed to have passed a critical 'tipping point' for electric vehicles - E24

It could reach the electric car milestone two years early, according to a Bloomberg analysis.

Perhaps the most American of them is the Ford F-150 pickup, in the “lightning” electric version.

While Norwegians have long been well acquainted with words like “supercharging” and “range concern,” the transition from fossil cars to electric cars in many other countries has been slow.

Analysts at Bloomberg now believe the electric car trend is about to take off in the United States, one of the world’s largest and most important auto markets.

to me New analysis from Bloomberg In the past six months, the share of electric vehicles has crossed a critical turning point in the United States, at 5 percent of new car sales.

This threshold marks the beginning of mass adoption of electric vehicles—a period in which technology preference is rapidly changing, the analysis indicates.

Bloomberg wrote that if Americans follow the trend of 18 countries that previously crossed this line, every fourth new car could become electric in the United States by the end of 2025, two years earlier than most forecasts.

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According to the analysis, five percent is the minimum time for “everything changed”.

The reason is that when it comes to using new technology, the development follows an s-shaped curve:

At first things go slowly and it only pulls the so-called “early adopters”. Then it goes really fast when the masses adopt the new technology. In the end, only a few did not take this step, and growth is slowing down again.

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When it comes to electrical images, five percent seems to be the point where demand from the “early adopters” takes over the mainstream. Until then, sales were slow and unpredictable. Next comes an accelerated request,” Bloomberg wrote.

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Uncertainty about access to minerals

Analysis indicates that the transition from fossil cars to electric cars is not only dependent on customer demand.

Auto manufacturers and their suppliers must be able to produce quickly enough. If Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia follow Europe, China and the United States, it is unclear whether the global mining industry will be able to meet the growing need for minerals for batteries, Bloomberg wrote.

So far, 90 percent of electric cars in the world have been sold in the USA, China and Europe.

Norway ranks at the top of the list in a Bloomberg analysis, above the countries with the highest share of electric vehicles in new car sales, with the share of electric vehicles reaching 83.5 percent in the first quarter of 2022. The next country on the list is Iceland with 51.7 percent.

Norway has always had a very aggressive electric car policy, with low taxes and fees ensuring that electric cars are price competitive.

According to numbers from Road Traffic Information Council The ten best-selling car models in Norway were all-electric in the first half of 2022.

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