The United States wants to expel local aid workers from Afghanistan

The United States They want to use evacuation planes to bring to safety Afghan aid workers who have supported the US military on the ground. A White House spokesman said Wednesday that the aim was to expel those eligible from the last week of July.

It is not possible to say how many people were involved for security reasons. It was also open where people could fly. However, this affects local people who are already in the process of applying for a US visa. “They are brave. We want to make sure that we recognize and appreciate the role they have played over the years, ”the spokesman said. Jen Saki.

Despite the dangerous progress Taliban Was President of the United States Joe Biden Announced last week The Afghanistan mission will end on August 31 – Almost 20 years later. There should be only American soldiers to protect the embassy in Afghanistan. Many Afghans, such as interpreters who worked in the United States during the deployment process, may apply for special immigrant visas to the United States.

According to experts, Afghan aid workers have received death threats since the withdrawal of troops. Revenge of the radical Islamic Taliban. More inside Germany This is how these local employees are handled during deployment Armed Forces Supported a topic. The federal government had promised to help them. Critics, however, complain that locals are largely dependent.

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