The vaccine warns of resistance to stress

The vaccine warns of resistance to stress

Facebook page Vaccine passes and no vaccine pressure Has more than 5,000 members. Organizers are now encouraging people across the country to mark their opposition to vaccine pressure and vaccine passes on Saturday, January 8th. Stavanger and Tromso were among the cities considered before the introduction of Corona passports.

Violates calls

The 49-year-old Colas refuses to be vaccinated when the FHI reiterates its call for those who have not been vaccinated to take the first dose as the infection continues to grow. Despite the clear speech of NIPH Director Camila Stoltenberg:

Urgency: Camila Stoltenberg tells those who have not been vaccinated to think again. Photo: Martin Leighland / TV2

– The vaccine protects against serious illness. So I urge those who have so far refused to be vaccinated to reconsider.

In violation of the law

Colas runs a bicycle workshop. When he searched for bicycle mechanics and said he wanted to hire only those who had not been vaccinated, the Norwegian Labor Review Commission and legal expert said. Working Environmental Law and Many customers boycotted the workshop. After him His vaccine appeared on TV2 with suspicion He suffered a major setback, but also received some supportive statements. In Norway, fewer than 300,000 people, such as Colas, have not been vaccinated against coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease is suspected

The 49-year-old has been bedridden for almost two weeks with a viral infection and reduced lung capacity. Medical findings say it is corona, but he refuses to examine himself.

– I do not want to test myself. The test is a billion-dollar store, and he believes billions should have been invested in intensive care beds and equipment.

Opponents of the Corona Pass demonstrated on Saturday.  Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø / TV 2

Opponents of the Corona Pass demonstrated on Saturday. Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø / TV 2

Evaluating antigen testing

Nonetheless, Colas is now considering taking an antigen test to see if he actually has corona and therefore antibodies so he can show older parents who are afraid of infection.

When asked if he would have been significantly less likely to have his own illness if he had been vaccinated, Colossus responds:

– The vaccine may give a mild course shortly after vaccination, but what I have experienced is completely viable, says the Bergen man who proposed the self-made corona diploma instead of the general corona passport.

National Institute of Public Health emphasizes the effect of the vaccine:

– If people who have been fully vaccinated become infected and infected with the corona virus, most will have a mild course and will recover faster than those who have not been vaccinated. Sarah Watley, chief physician at the FHI, says the risk of them becoming seriously ill is very low.

Cursed be the Prime Minister of France

Colas said this when he saw Emmanuel Macron of France The Prime Minister will persecute those who are not vaccinated, Colas was so cursed that he wrote a post in which he asked the French to respond in the same currency.

On the other hand, he calls Denmark’s strategy a bright spot because the country wants to control and not stop the spread of infection. Lone Simonson is a professor at Roskill University and head of the PandemiX Center for Research.

Denmark focuses on immunity

They say It is hoped that the combination of Omigron and the vaccine will transform the population with better facilities. To deal with the virus, even if new mutants appear. Simonson also notes that the vaccine reduces the risk of serious illness.

– Vaccines have an effect against more serious illness, hospitalization and death. So we are only trying to control the spread rate, says Simonson.

Colas understands that the Norwegian health service is asking more people to get vaccinated to reduce stress, but says the most important thing is not to give a punch in the arm, except to strengthen the health service.

Signs can arrive at Egeertorget in Oslo at 2pm, an hour later in Bergen from the small Lungårdsvann, and suspects can arrive at Torget in Stavanger at 4.30pm and Hamar in front of the theater at 5pm. To participate.

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