The Vikings must figure out how to use Markus Solbakken – Dagsavisen

The Vikings must figure out how to use Markus Solbakken - Dagsavisen

The public test against Kristiansund on Sunday was the club’s first game against an Eliteserien opponent in the previous period. After opposition of varying quality in the United States, it was a perfect test of the battle tactic that many Viking teams would be facing this year.

Despite the Dark Blues winning comfortably 4-1, there is still reason for a small caveat if you look at some of the key figures behind the score.

When the coach duo took charge, better play against an established defense was quickly identified as the key factor in taking a step forward to challenge Bodø/Glimt and Molde. This is one of the most difficult soccer exercises.

In the latter part of 2021, no one got more points than the Vikings. The team was on the verge of success with this piece. It was about a team that dared to move enough people where there was room. To create the necessary feature. Then there was also a lot about Joe Bell who felt so hot in the shirt that he raised the bar for his game.

If you’ve been wondering where the Foton Berisha frustrated this winter, it’s very reasonable to believe that such trends and numbers played a major role.

Aspen Iverson

With a more forward-looking timbre, both the advantage against entrenched defense and transitions were used in an often appropriate manner. The passes that went in his first season to the side and back have now moved forward. Increasingly, they also got into space – in front of the ball carrier.

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If you’ve used a second assistant in football, as you do in ice hockey, 2021 shows Bale finished with 18 goal points. It was broken down into one goal, eight assists to score – and perhaps most importantly, he finished third on nine goals. The Vikings had a very offensive power – disguised in a defensive role in the form of a six. Exactly as Morten Jensen and Birty Lundy Archim wanted.

Before Bill was sold, one could sense the features of the team that looked like a serious gold contender. This impression is not necessarily strong with me now. It has a bit to do with Glimt’s appearance once again that he has succeeded in replacing important pieces in midfield. But it’s also about the need for Viking to start a little further development of the game against the well-established defense.

In rehearsal against Kristiansund, I noticed seven or eight clear goal chances. Most of them came after transitions or dead balls. In games against proven attacks, Viking wasn’t that impressive.

Of particular note are the figures of Bell’s replacement, Marcus Solbakken. The new Vikings playmaker scored 69 passes in the 81st minute he spent on the field. Only 21 of these advanced in the field. While 34 fell back into the support, 14 got hit sideways. These are the numbers that will likely make Drilo and Nils Arne Eigen reeling! The attacking ball was definitely not like that. Oftentimes, young Solbakken also lies deep in the field looking for the ball in the wrong direction.

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In the 81st minute he lost the ball seven times and two serious ball losses. He had three recoveries and won the head duel.

Most interestingly, he never tried a single pass over 40 metres, never hit any key passes and never hit the ball into the room instead of on foot.

If you’ve been wondering where the Foton Berisha frustrated this winter, it’s very reasonable to believe that such trends and numbers played a major role. The captain loves the challenge with sprints in the lane between back and stop. Especially if the opponents are slow. But if he wants to do that, the balls have to come – long or short. Then the stakes must rise and the people must come forward en masse.

One must dare to take risks. Forget the fear of failure! This is exactly where Bodø/Glimt is very good. Even against the best, they are loyal to their identity in the field.

The relationship between Joe Bell and Berisha was one of the main reasons behind the Viking investigation this past year. The striker’s 22 league goals were no accident.

That Markus Solbakken was able to directly recreate the relationship between Bill and Berisha is more than we can ask. The boy was only in Viking for three weeks and Bell spent a year and a half before he really started. Of course there is no reason to see Solbakken, but every reason to analyze and look for good answers as soon as possible.

Perhaps he has somewhat of a “de-tiki-taka-ifiseres” after a year in Stabæk who has a ball-rolling culture. At the same time, he has many qualities necessary to speed up the Vikings. You have seen that when he was at HamKam he showed it in some training matches – and he showed it in training.

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What Vikings coaches will soon have to find out is why his numbers and totals came out on Saturday. Is it because Solbakken had a bad day and turned himself back? Was it a symptom of a team whose collective movement pattern did not give them options for hitting key passes in front of players in races? Should he dare to drag a player and snatch the ball into space – to force more movement in others? Was the team press game good enough to get you into the back room shorter?

Morten Jensen and Bjarte Lund Archim guarantee quick answers to this question. Now it’s about finding the development that the two of them talk about a lot. relations.

It should happen as soon as possible. Hopefully it’s actually better against Kongsvinger on Saturday!

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