The Volvo EX90 will not be finished in time

The Volvo EX90 will not be finished in time

(BEL24): With an electric car, it should probably be easier to make electric cars. They should also be easier to maintain, and they should be cheaper to own. All because, after all, there is software that handles a lot of what happens in an electric car, and that makes things a lot easier. But it turns out that's not the case at all.

Volvo is now the next brand to recognize the challenges, and not for the first time.

The Volvo EX90 is actually late than when it was scheduled to hit the market, thanks to software. Now, before the car goes on sale, Elbil24 will go to Los Angeles to test the car in August. But again, there is a problem with the above-mentioned software, which the first customers will now experience.

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90
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It won't be ready.

For early customers, they will also soon be ready to receive an early version of the EX90. However, now, reports that the car simply will not be ready in time, and that a group of customers have received messages from Volvo stating that the car will be delivered without all its functions intact.

But Volvo isn’t the only one suffering from this delay. The same thing happened when the VW ID.3 was due to go on sale, and then it wasn’t ready either. So the first customers had to sign that they accepted that not all the car’s functions would be included at the time of delivery, and that they agreed to receive it at a later date.

It’s a similar solution that Volvo is now doing with the EX90, and in its letter to customers, Volvo has outlined a number of features that won’t be there from the start. Most of them are expected to be ready by mid-2025.

From NOK 436,000: Offers a range of over 60 miles

From NOK 436,000: Offers a range of over 60 miles

These are the functions that Volvo has included:

  • Apple CarPlay. Over-the-air update planned for late 2024
  • First safety scenario for lidar, as of mid-2025
  • Traffic alert, automatic front braking, from mid-2025
  • Straight transit path, from mid-2025
  • Curve speed assistance, as of mid-2025
  • Connected safety, as of mid-2025
  • Bright appearance in the center and driver display, as of mid-2025
  • Battery usage (automatic power saving), as of mid-2025
  • Smart charging, from mid-2025
  • Bi-directional charging (V2h, V2G), as of mid-2025.

It may not have been easy to make software-based cars after all, but for, Volvo is answering the same questions we hear other manufacturers hide behind when it comes to electric cars. – The car will get better and better as it is upgraded “over the air” or over the air (OTA) if you will.

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