– The walk was absolutely amazing

– The walk was absolutely amazing

EGENRÅdig: The communications manager at Vy said passengers used the emergency openings to open the doors. Then they jumped over the fence and grabbed their legs. Photo: Private

The train was going from Oslo to Gothenburg. But the electricity was cut off, and there was no choice but to a field in Østfold.

– We went. Everyone left from there. Most people were picked up, many hailing a taxi. Elisa Mana tells Viji that we don't know what to do.

She was on her way to Surbsburg with Hesam Gul Mohammad. They say the train leaves Oslo at 18.15 and arrives in Sarpsborg at 19.30.

When VG spoke to them, they brought up Adrian Nerway Blørstad. Together they tried to find their way home.

– Style is absolutely amazing. We're not there yet. We don't have water or toilet facilities. Now we have passed through fields and narrow farm roads, says Mohammadi at 9.15pm.

Water: After being stuck on a train with no electricity, the three finally get something to drink. Photo: Private

They finally arrived home at 10pm, and Mana estimates the walk took 90 minutes.

All three describe dense air and hot conditions inside the train. According to the trio, the conductors would not open the doors to let in fresh air.

– The doors are closed. A passenger ultimately chose to open the door, says Blorestad.

They say one of the reasons they got off the train and began their journey to Raet on foot was because they received little information from Wai's staff.

– Mana says people called taxis and buses to escape and no one knew anything.

– Difficulty breathing

VG spoke to elderly passenger Ann Karin, who says they received bad news on the train.

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– The air was thick and it quickly became difficult to breathe, she says.

In addition, Ann Karin says she has diabetes. The doors of the train were closed.

– We got some water, but I didn't dare to drink anything as it might have gone wrong, she tells VG.

Ann Karin says she was lucky to ride home with a fellow passenger.

Stranded: Here the train stopped and the passengers got on their feet. Photo: Private

Considered pushing the train

Vy Åge communications manager Kristofer Lundeby says that all passengers got off the train at around 9.45pm.

The systemman is a wheelchair user and had to be carried away by the fire service. We have arranged transport for those staying behind, says Vai.

– Lundebi tells VG that someone may have gone further south, of which we have no record.

He says he has long explored three solutions for transporting passengers:

  • Correct the error and continue driving.
  • Transport the passengers further in the bus on a dirt road.
  • He moved the train towards the rad and pushed it to where the electricity was.

Get half the ticket back

It ended with two solutions.

– I understand very well that you must have information. But at some point you don't have the necessary and good information to send it.

All passengers on the train will get half their ticket refunded if they contact Vy, he says.

Vy photo by Åge Christoffer Lundeby: Vy / Vy

Lundeby believes they had good reasons for not opening the doors, and says they did not shut the doors rudely.

– Sometimes, the power goes wrong, the wire hanging over the train has 15,000 volts. If it is lying on the floor and it is wet, it can turn upside down, which is dangerous.

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He says one or more customers opened the doors with an emergency release.

– It is very unfortunate that you do that. We understand that you want to get on, but it's up to the conductor on the plane to decide when you can get out and when it's safe. They don't seem to understand the seriousness of this.

A problem solver

Press officer Olav Nordli at Ban Nort says they are now working to find out what caused the power outage.

– We still don't have electricity in that area, tells VG just before 10.20pm.

The train concerned will be towed from the stand.

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