The war in Ukraine – in a stalemate

The war in Ukraine - in a stalemate

There are many indications that things did not go exactly according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan.

Major General Kirillo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service (GUR), believes that Russia has the means to fight until the end of the year, but the invasion already represents a strategic defeat for Putin.

Putin is in a dead end. He can neither stop the war nor win it. He cannot win for objective reasons. To stop this, he must admit that Russia is not at all the big and powerful country he wanted to show, says Budanov. The Wall Street Journal.

Intelligence chief: Kirillo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (GUR), believes that Putin is at a dead end. Photo: the intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
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According to the head of intelligence, there will be consequences for Putin to explain to the Russian people that he was not able to invade Ukraine.

– When they finally realized that the Tsar is not as big and powerful as he pretends, this is a step towards the destruction of the Russian state as we know it today, he says.

– Amazed at the stupidity

In the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, the fighting is now at its worst, without Russia making much progress, according to intelligence from Ukraine and Britain.

Budanov claims that the intelligence service has a network of agents in Russia, and that they work closely with the US intelligence service. He claims that the secret service is closely following Putin and other Russian leaders.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Putin refused tHe ate from his closest advisors about the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Putin’s original goal was to take control of the capital, Kyiv, within a few days, and to establish a pro-Russian government in the country.

– I’m amazed at Russian stupidity. Of all the options that Putin had before the war began, he chose the most brutal and worst for him, he says.

Explosion: On Friday, May 20, 7 people, including an 11-year-old, were injured in what is known as a missile attack. Video: Telegram
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He suffers great losses

According to British intelligence, Russia is now suffering heavy losses in Ukraine and soldiers in Donbass are “significantly behind schedule”.

Despite initially little progress, Russia has been unable to make tangible progress in the past month, and at the same time the ongoing wear and tear is significant, says an analysis from the British Ministry of Defense.

They also wrote that Russia lost a third of the troops sent in February.

They also point to a significant shortage of equipment, intelligence, and surveillance and reconnaissance drones. This will “almost certainly” delay them even more.

– Russian troops are increasingly characterized by low combat efficiency and low morale. It says that under these conditions, it is unlikely that Russia will step up its advance significantly in the next 30 days.

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