June 5, 2023


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The war in Ukraine - soon over

The war in Ukraine – soon over

Former MI6 leader Christopher Steele stated several times during the war in Ukraine that he had sources Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill.

to me Watchman Steele told the BBC Now that Putin is finished when the West’s sanctions against Russia are having a real effect.

“I can’t see that he’s still president of Russia in three to six months,” Steele said. Watchman.

– no capacity

He notes that both the British and the Americans have sources that Putin’s health is deteriorating, and that he will no longer be able to do his job.

Throughout the war, there were rumors about Putin’s health. Strange behavior in several public sessions It sparked speculation about whether the president was seriously ill.

His own spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, was the same abroad He denied allegations that Putin had cancer.

Comes with sticks: President Volodymyr Zelensky comes with a stab in the face to Putin, after a new weapon is said to have been used in Ukraine. Video: Reuters
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Steele claimed in May that Putin always has medical staff with himAnd to leave meetings for treatment.

Ukraine’s intelligence chief, Kirillo Budanov, said last week in May that he believed Putin was seriously ill and survived a recent coup attempt.

Steele headed the British intelligence service MI6 from 2006 to 2009. In the 1990s, he was stationed in Russia. Steele is also behind him Controversial intelligence report Who claimed that Russia was trying to bribe Donald Trump with compromising images. According to the controversial report, the photos allegedly showed Trump with prostitutes urinating on each other in a hotel room.

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suspicious revolution

Putin has been in power in Russia since December 31, 1999, after Boris Yeltsin’s abrupt resignation.

Since then, he has been the most powerful man in the country – as president until 2008, between 2008 and 2012 he was prime minister, before becoming president of Russia for the past ten years.

The Russian host, Olga Scapajiva, believes it is time to change the name of what the Russians call a “special operation”. Video: Associated Press/Reuters/Twitter. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV & Siri Åbø Wiersen / Dagbladet
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Before entering politics, the 69-year-old president had a long career in the infamous Soviet intelligence service KGB, which was dissolved in 1991. Putin resigned from the KGB that same year. He resigned in protest of the coup against President Mikhail Gorbachev.

The KGB was dissolved soon after. The successor of the FSB led by Putin’s old friend of the KGB, Alexander Bortnikov, launched as a possible replacement for Putin.

Dagbladet spoke this spring with the Russian scholar at the Norwegian Institute for Foreign Policy, Jacob M.Speculation about a possible coup against Putin.

He was aware that Russia without Putin would likely not lead to major changes, and that there were no alternative centers of power in Putin’s circle.

– Godzimirsky said I doubt that we will have a revolution in Russian politics.