The war in Ukraine – the kidnapping of the mother:

The war in Ukraine – the kidnapping of the mother:

In April, Veta Hanych, 45, disappeared from her home in eastern Ukraine. Since then, the family has neither seen nor heard from her.

Her daughter, Alina Kabatsina, told the news agency that she was said to have been kidnapped by Russian forces in military uniform in the town of Volodymyrievska, and will now be held in Russian-occupied parts of Donetsk. AP.

Alena sits down again. She dreams several times that her mother calls her and tells her to come home.

“Then who took it?”

After Veta was kidnapped, Alina tried to search for her mother. She sent letters and then sought Russian government officials detained in Donetsk.

– the answers were the same everywhere. “We didn’t take it.” Who took it next, if no one took it, Kapacina asks rhetorically.

Veta should have been a peaceful civilian, and he should have also been a patient, Kabatsina tells The Associated Press. It is also said that the mother never carried a weapon.

Request: Alina writes on one of the posters:

Request: Alina writes on one of the posters: “Bring my mother back from captivity.” Photo: AP Photo/Hanna Arhirova/NTB
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According to a letter from the Russian-backed prosecutor’s office in Donetsk, the mother has been imprisoned in Olenivka, which is controlled by the Russians.

It is said that staff at the prison told Kabatsina’s grandmother that Vita was a sniper. However, medical documents must have shown that Vita was suffering from a brain tumor and is said to have been regularly affected by convulsions. Alena vehemently denies that her mother was a sniper.

Many of them were kidnapped

Unfortunately, Vita’s story is not the only case in which Russian forces have allegedly kidnapped Ukrainian citizens. in October The Associated Press published a large survey of deported children From the eastern parts of Ukraine to Russia, and to the Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine.

Russia has a stated strategy of taking Ukrainian orphans and raising them as Russians. Since the war broke out on February 24 last year, thousands of children have been removed from homes and basements, including from the bombed city of Mariupol and an orphanage in the Russian-backed breakaway regions of Donbass.

The required answer: Two people asked the well-known Russian nationalist Oleg Gazmanov to answer about the war in Ukraine. Video: Telegram. Correspondent: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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The children are said to have been told lies that their parents were no longer wanted, and therefore they would be given Russian citizenship.

Raising children of war in another country or culture can be an attempt to erase a people’s identity, and it can be a sign of genocide.

Ukrainian authorities It works with the fact that more than 13,000 children have been deported since the beginning of the war. However, the real number is not clear.

I moved to take care of families

In September, the governor of Murmansk, Andrei Tsibis, posted a video on social media of Ukrainian children who had been deported to Russia. Ukrainian children were said to have been deported from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and into Russia. Tsibis wrote in the description of the video:

– The guys are very positive and kind, and the first personal meeting turned out to be warm and sincere. Tsibis wrote: I think our north would be a good home for them.

According to the Internet newspaper Parents Observer A number of the children were only six or seven years old, and many are said to have been deported against their will. Chibis wrote in the description of the video that the children will live in foster families in several places in Russia.

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