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I kirken er det rom for bekymring, håp, soldaritet – ja, sånn du har det. Det er rom for deg. Foto: Den norske kirke/Malin Longva

Regardless of your feelings and needs in the face of the war in Ukraine, there is room for you in the church. Here you’ll find an overview of the church’s offerings for you and suggestions on how to get involved.

In the church there is room for anxiety, hope and solidarity – yes, that is how you feel. There is room for you. Photo: Norwegian Church / Malin Longva

We humans experience crises in very different ways. Some need to be involved, others are anxious and need nurturing. Both are very common. This is also the case now when war strikes. No matter how the situation in Ukraine affects you, there is a place for you in the church.

Together we can show solidarity and concern for our fellow human beings – near and far.

In this list you will find suggestions for a number of things to do and offers to take advantage of in the church in the midst of the ongoing crisis.

This is how you can participate

give a gift

Millions of people are now fleeing Ukraine, and Norwegian Church Aid is working hard to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the war. The need for humanitarian assistance is enormous. Many fled everything they owned, and needed vital things like water, food, shelter, and medicine.

Give your support for working with Vipps to 2426. Find other ways to bid and more about working here.

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prayer prayer

Praying a lot for the situation. You can pray wherever you are, online or in the open church room.

Get support and care in the church

Take advantage of the free church calling offer

Welcome to the church’s free calling service. We have a duty of confidentiality, whether you want to call, chat or make a video call. Nothing is too small or too big to talk about, there is room for you, your life, and your questions.

Welcome to the community in service

In worship services across the country, people pray for the situation in Ukraine. Welcome to worship in the midst of all that is happening.

See when the church is open or when something is going on in the church you live in on – see here.

Visit an open church

Many of the country’s churches keep their doors open, even outside events. Come, pray a prayer for peace, sit down and find peace in the church room or light a candle for what you’re thinking. Here there is room for hope and anxiety.

Find an open church with a room for you on our event portal

Read and listen to the words of comfort

  • Do you want to rest in a finished prayer? click here.
  • It is really time to pray for peace, says President Olaf Ficks Tveit, and many churches will be open for prayer, meditation and candlelighting. Read his full text here: Time to pray for peace.
  • You can also watch the Peace Service broadcast on NRK TV on March 1. It might be nice to rest in the community, also by broadcasting. Watch the broadcast here.
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