The war in Ukraine – the sting of Bidens Zelensky:

The war in Ukraine – the sting of Bidens Zelensky:

In a speech at a charity reception in Los Angeles, US President Joe Biden stated that Volodymyr Zelensky was warned of Russian plans to invade Ukraine, but he would not listen.

“We learned that we had data that proves that Putin plans to enter the country, but Zelensky did not want to hear it,” Biden was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

Great self confidence

Intelligence expert Tom Rosth believes the plot was about flaunting US intelligence. He thinks Americans are very self-confident about their intelligence, and with good reason:

Norwegian Artiller truck bomb: The Russian military claims to have bombed and destroyed a Norwegian artillery machine in Ukraine. Video: AP / TV Zvezda. Reporter: Vigard Krueger
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– He defends US intelligence in the war, and this is absolutely true so far. It was a huge intelligence success for the Americans, and they are proud of it, too, Rosth tells Dagbladet.

He notes that the Americans warned the Ukrainians early on that there were concrete plans to invade Russia. But the Ukrainians listened to their intelligence that said the threat level was no higher than before.

– It must be remembered that the Ukrainians have experienced a significant threat and war with Russia since 2014. When I spoke to my contacts in the Ukrainian defense in December, they did not consider the threat as high as it was in April of the same year.

concrete plans

At the same time, the Americans believed that the Russians had very concrete plans to invade Ukraine.

– The Russians crowded the border and acted as an exercise. For most Russians, this was also an exercise. The Americans seem to have had a very good understanding of Moscow’s intentions, says Rosith.

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Soma Sumarom, the Ukrainians did not see the danger from the east as early as the Americans, as is believed.

– What do you think of the formulation of Biden’s proposal?

– I wonder what the motive is. It is not in Biden’s interest to criticize the Ukrainians. He says it looks strange.


One of the most important examples of what US intelligence meant in war was already seen on the first day of the invasion.

to me The Wall Street Journal CIA Director William J. Burns personally traveled to Kyiv in January, where he warned Volodymyr Zelensky that Russian forces were planning to seize Hostomil Airport to transport equipment and soldiers.

Fighting for the airfield outside Kyiv continued for several days, and when the Russians finally managed to capture it, it was so destroyed that it was no longer useful for military purposes.

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