The war in Ukraine – warned: you’re going to kill him

The war in Ukraine – warned: you’re going to kill him

According to a new book by author Chris Whipple, CIA Director William Burns warned the Ukrainian president that the Russians planned to kill him at a secret meeting in Kyiv in January 2022.

The intelligence was so detailed that it helped Zelensky’s security forces prevent two separate attempts to kill him, according to the book. Business interested.

Secret meeting

According to the newspaper, it is rare for the United States to share such detailed intelligence, which may indicate that they were absolutely certain that they correctly understood the intentions of the Russians.

The meeting took place less than a month before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has already been mentioned by Dagbladet.

At the same meeting, the CIA chief exchanged information about the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine.


It was particularly the warnings about the Russians’ plans to use the Antonov airfield at Hostomel outside Kyiv to militarily supply the war of conquest that became important.

Ukraine: In June 2022, American martial artist Tuck travels to Ukraine to fight the Russians – which surprises him with the Russian forces. Video: “Tuc Smash” / Dagbladet TV
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From the beginning, the airport was the subject of very fierce battles that resulted in its complete destruction – before the Russians could use it for any military purpose.

Kyiv condenser stopped

Intelligence expert Tom Roseth previously told Dagbladet that the intelligence Burns shared may have helped determine the outcome of the war, as it may have been most useful in preventing them from taking Kyiv within a few days, as Putin initially believed.

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– As Napoleon said: A good spring takes the place of 20,000 men. Good situational awareness in areas of operations, knowledge of air strikes and where vulnerabilities are located can determine the course of the war. Intelligence can contribute to this, Roth told Dagbladet in May 2022.

short affair

The condensation of the Russians out of Kyiv was a short-lived affair, before they were completely expelled from central Ukraine.

According to Roseth, the massive military resistance that the Russians encountered in Kyiv may have been a blow to Russia.

– They believed that the war would go quickly and easily for them, that it would quickly lead to a change of regime in Kyiv. Rosth told Dagbladet in May that they did not recognize the political development in Ukraine in the past eight years.

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