June 6, 2023


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The wedding of Henrik Elfjord Borg and Lisa Ankermann:

The wedding of Henrik Elfjord Borg and Lisa Ankermann:

A little over 2 years ago it became a former reality profile Henrik Alfijord Borg (28) And Swedish influencer Lisa Ankerman (32) married couple. Since then, a lot has happened to the duo.

The couple managed to move in together, have their own YouTube series, buy an apartment and not least get engaged. Now it’s only a month since the three-day wedding in Sweden, more specifically at the magnificent Rånäs Castle.

So the last time was marked by wedding planning. See and Hear on that occasion had a chat with the upcoming bride.

ready soon: Here’s the most famous wedding of Lisa Ankermann and Henrik Borg. Nerves began to appear. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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Everything was planned down to the smallest detail

Do you feel ready or do you have too many nerves?

– Now I already have some nerves. We had a meeting with the pastor today, where he told us how we met each other, and also practiced changing the rings. There were a lot of tears today, Ankerman says about the big day review.

However, the 32-year-old still feels ready for the wedding now that everything that needs to be done has been written down and made some time for it.

And the couple leaves nothing to chance.

– It’s as if we’ve come to every corner, plus we’ve had time to add a little extra, she says she’s glad to see and hear.

Wedding magazine: the couple decorated the front page of brolopsmagasinet.se.  Photo: Anna Storm

Wedding magazine: the couple decorated the front page of brolopsmagasinet.se. Photo: Anna Storm
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She can also reveal that the guests will have more surprises during the weekend, which she thinks is very interesting.

– Above all expectations

There are many preparations to be made when the 110 guests arrive at Rånäs Castle in just one month.

Wedding planning is going very well, exceeding all expectations, says Ankerman.

However, she can reveal that her fiancé is not as involved in the planning now as he was in the beginning.

– Initially, Henrik was very involved in the process of choosing where we should be, who we should invite and how the daily schedule should be.

Now that it’s the details that stand in the way, it’s Anckarman who bears large chunks of the responsibility.

Dramatically: It got exciting when real-life couple Lisa Ankermann and Henrik Borg were on Christmas holidays in Thailand. Lisa was taken to the hospital, and now we finally get to see what really happened on their YouTube series “Lisa & Henrik.” Video: “Lisa and Henrik” / Stephen Petersen
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A major concern

While most things are ready before the ceremony, there is one thing that unfortunately the influencer can’t control: the weather. The 32-year-old admits that she dreads that the sky will open on the couple’s big day.

– We are afraid that it will rain, because the wedding and the party are outside, but I also think that everything will work out. We have a tent ready in case we need it, she laughs.

many at once

As mentioned, a lot has happened to the couple in recent years, which has also affected the planning.

The absolute biggest challenge for us was to have time to plan, because we do so much very differently. We worked hard on the second season of our recently released reality series on YouTube and worked with our company, while planning this love party, says the 32-year-old.

He was promised: Niclas Barley and Benjamin Selseth talk about how the wedding and the wedding night will take place. Video: Stephen Petersen. Reporter: Sophie Lucien.
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Fortunately, the couple had several people who contributed to the party, which Ankerman is very grateful for.

The couple talked a lot about the upcoming wedding. When the engagement became knownElvejord Borg has mentioned that his fiancée is his best friend.

– It feels absolutely incredible. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and we’ve talked about it, but actually getting peace now is absolutely incredible. I have my best friend as my fiancée, he told Se og Hør, and it feels so amazing.

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