The Widerøe plane had problems

The Widerøe plane had problems

The plane had to be assisted after technical problems. As a result of the incident, another Widerøe flight had to return to Haugesund, the company said.

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Around 4pm on Wednesday the fire brigade, police and ambulance went out with huge resources.

– A message came from the tower at Flesland that a Widero aircraft had experienced technical problems with the nose wheel and we were on full alert. There were 40 passengers on board, but the plane landed two minutes ago and everything is fine, says Helge Flintheim, operations manager at the police.

The flight landed at Flesland at 16:33.

– Without the drama

Carita Puel Rosasen, a press officer at Avinor, says the plane landed without drama.

– The situation is over. The plane landed and stopped, she says, at 4.45pm.

She declined to comment on the incident beyond that, referring to Widero.

This is the fifth incident involving a Widerøe aircraft in a short period of time, including Wednesday's incident.

Return to Haugesund

Catharina Solli is the Communications Manager at Widero. He says it relates to a flight with 40 passengers from Dorf to Bergen around 5pm on Wednesday. Otherwise, he says there is a stable cast of four.

– There was an incident on the plane, but I did not speak to the captain or the first officer. Our operations center doesn't have that much detail either.

Can't comment on the obvious circling of the Hardanger seen in the flightradar image at the top of this case.

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Solli says the Widero flight from Haugesund to Bergen was turned back to Haugesund because of the runway closure.

– We are setting up a new departure for those passengers, says Solli, who does not know how many people were on the flight from Haugesund.

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