The winner of the match switches Sundance Olive to play with Tommy Hoyland

The winner of the match switches Sundance Olive to play with Tommy Hoyland

On his 29th birthday, Marnardal’s Martin Rumsland became the champion of the match when Sundance Olf beat arch-rival Brian FK 2-1. He came to Sundance for a very special reason.

Martin Ramsland made the first goal and scored the second and decisive goal in his first appearance in his series of matches with Sundance Olive. Here, Ramsland is congratulated by the match’s top scorer, Ingewald Halgonsett and teammate Tommy Holland.
Photo: Karina Johansen / Stavanger Aftenbldet

– When Sandnes Ulf came onto the field, the idea of ​​playing in the best duo with Tommy Høiland lit up, Ramsland told Aftenbladet.

Tommy is a wise and experienced player, I can learn a lot. Southerners add that branding both are hard work, and I think they do really well.

On a day when striker Holland didn’t fully succeed, Ramsland was in great shape for nearly 90 minutes.

– I’m not a luxury player

He used speed and dribbling when he tricked the experienced Rogve Baldvinsson before the post which gave Halgunset the chance to score 1-0, doing almost everything himself and an excellent pass from Ståle Sæthre to 2-1. Once again the speed, sheer power and finish of Igor Spiridonov’s goal in Brian was never close.


Justin Ekeland was affected again. Here in a duel with Christian Rohr. Both Ekeland and Brian’s fellow captain, Henning Romslow, left, with the colors of Ukraine on their arm, stood in solidarity with the people attacked by their older brother.
Photo: Karina Johansen / Stavanger Aftenbldet


Sandnes Ulf can unleash the jubilation of a record-breaking audience

Fun match, full speed in both directions, but we didn’t control, Ramsland admits.

Most satisfied with three points The hard-working striker and Sundance fans say he’s not a luxury player.

“The times I don’t score, I’ll be working on the team with Tommy, he confirms.”

Coach Bjarne Berntsen was active all the way – and he was very pleased with Martin Ramsland.

– The hard-working class leader, Berntsen stated before saying a few words about the match:

What is said is not wisdom

“Maybe not everything said on the sidelines is wise, but commitment no one can take away from me,” says the veteran with a smile.

Local settlements are always tight. I wasn’t happy with the first half, after the break we controlled better. We knew Brian would try to play behind us, but they didn’t do well when we were more than five behind in the second half, he explains.


Coach Brian disappointed: – Too easy and messy setbacks to move forward

We have a lot to fix, but I am naturally very happy to get three points in the opening game of the series, says Berntsen and gave some extra praise to the young boys Anders Heim, Julbrandur Oregaard and captain Ekeland.

– He’s good, handled all the plank last week and lead by example, says Berntsen.

The captain is sought by clubs in the Elite Series. Recently this week, FK Haugesund made an offer of about a million and a half that was about to be accepted.

Captain impressed after a special week

– It was a very special week. I went from packing my suitcase to attending the next Sundance training. But when I closed the window, there was a sharp focus on Sandnes. “It was a great feeling to think of football and nothing else,” a smiling Ekeland tells us.

Very cool when we lost three points to Bryan in our first league game of the year. It was a “war” as I said when we last spoke. They pressured me to dead balls, and I was never completely safe, but we had so many great chances that I think we deservedly won, says Justin Ekeland who has always been calm and kind.

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