The woman refuses to remove her mustache and mustache – she gets bad comments

The woman refuses to remove her mustache and mustache – she gets bad comments

Many women spend a lot of time doing hair removal. This is not Copenhagen.

Teacher Eldina Jaganjak, 31, from Copenhagen says that while some men, especially teenagers, often stare at her, she gets more positive attention than when she removed her hair.

Jaganjac told the Daily Mail that she refuses to remove the mustache and monocle, because it helps her “eliminate” potential boyfriends. But it also makes people look at her and she gets a good chunk of rude comments.

She herself says that she feels no less feminine. Deciding to stand out from the crowd by growing eyebrows and a mustache, she only gained more confidence.

Growing up, Eldina Gajanjak lived in a small town where everyone had to “accommodate”. But as she got older, she became increasingly frustrated with the fact that women were expected to spend far more time and money refining their appearance by removing hair than men were.

Compared to men, we are expected to spend more time and money on our appearance just because we are deemed visually acceptable in society, especially in public. The 31-year-old says: If a man does not shave his hair and does not pluck his eyebrows, no one will notice or comment on the matter, because nothing is out of the ordinary.

She says that, like most other women, she was raised to take care of herself. In the past, she was not comfortable going out unless her eyebrows were neatly styled, and she had to shave her legs to go to the gym.

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But in March 2020, Eldina had had enough. She decided to stop plucking her eyebrows and remove her upper lip hair.

Eldina has said she doesn’t care about her looks or what other people think of her anymore – but she admits that she sometimes gets offensive remarks about her on the street.

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