The world champion was surprised by emphasizing: – Come on suddenly – VG

The world champion was surprised by emphasizing: - Come on suddenly - VG
Not quite in the water: World champion Ryan Weklund was unable to train as quickly as planned after breaking his collarbone. Last weekend, she was 12th on the gold distance at the World Cup premiere in Poland.

STAVANGER (VG) World champion Ryan Weklund, 21, isn’t afraid to be caught off guard at the Olympics in two months’ time – as she was at the World Cup opening last weekend.


– Yes, this is correct. It was a bit of a surprise. I felt pretty normal during the day, really. Then only when I put on my skis and went out into the field did she suddenly appear. It may have been a more exhausting race than I would have liked, says Ryan Weklund, ahead of the second World Cup weekend of the season – at home in Stavanger from Friday to Sunday.

At the end of February last season, Ragen Weklund won as the first Norwegian woman Gold Medal in the World Championships Distances. at an altitude of 1500 metres In the “Bubble Championship” in Heerenveen, she was 1.54.61 to 42/100 ahead of American Brittany Beau in second place.

Nine months later – a week ago – she finished 12th over the same distance in Poland’s Tomazow Mazowiecki, 3.32 seconds ahead of victor Miho Takagi of Japan – and 2.5 seconds behind Brittany Beau in second. Edel Therese Huysth, the national team coach, thinks it’s no surprise. Ragne Wiklund reports that she ended up in the same place (11th place) over the same distance at the start of the World Cup last season – shortly before she took home the gold at the World Cup.

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– It’s totally normal. She had to meet those she hit, some of whom she didn’t (Takagi). There will always be nerves. But Rani won’t get worse because of it, says Idel Therese Heusth.

The latter can occur in response to questions about what happened now again – at the Olympic Games.

– No God, I hope not. It wasn’t too bad. I was more nervous when I was little and I think I’ve put it behind me now. It’s at least to plan, says Ragne Wiklund with the goal of recreating a script.

As of today, in front of the 5000m World Cup stadium at Sørmarka Arena on Friday night, intend to walk nearly all distances at the Olympics: 3000m on February 5, 1500m on February 7, 5,000m on February 10, team pace and possibly 1000 Meter “bonus” on February 17.

– I hope to choose and choose, she says conditionally as to whether or not the qualification requirements are met.

At the same time, Ragne Wiklund assures that she is still in a difficult situation.

– If you look at personal times and records, so am I, she says.

When asked if her world title could be described as “one successful wonder,” her answer was a resounding “no.”

Adele Therese Heusth says that she and the rest of the coaching staff believe Ragen Weklund has it Biggest chance at 3000m (4th place in Poland), but he also believes that 1500 and 5000 meters “could be very good”. It might be easy to forget, as Ragne Wiklund has already done, that two hours after taking gold at Heerenveen, she finished sixth and set a personal record of 6.58.76 for the longest distance for women.

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– We had to bring in the ‘clicker’ that day, after which I couldn’t set my personal record of 5,000. So that race was also forgotten, she says.

– I don’t know what I’d be better at. I haven’t trained too fast this year due to a broken collarbone. I expect the pace to come all season long. I had a minor injury (stretch) last year as well. Ran Wicklund adds, but it came out in the end.

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