The World Cup is in danger – VG

The World Cup is in danger - VG

Carsten Warholm’s participation in the World Cup in six weeks may be in danger of smoking. This is the truth after he was examined by Doctor Thomas Torgalsen on Tuesday morning at the Olympic Summit Top Sports Center in Oslo.


Not a hundred percent certain, no. But it’s a realistic goal, and then all sides must realize it can’t go, Torgalsen answers the question of whether or not the Olympic gold winner will be at the World Cup in Eugene 15-24. July.

– Is it not certain that the World Cup will be held with the participation of Warholm?

We have faith, but there is no guarantee. We have of course discussed the World Cup in Eugene. It can be a challenge, Thomas Torgalsen answers.

He says Karsten Warholm has a slight hoarseness injury, in his right thigh. The back of the thigh consists of several muscles. Warholm’s injury, which he suffered in his first appearance of the season in a ligament, was to his biceps.

– Probably the most common enemy injury. I’ve seen him many times, says Thomas Torgalsen.

Karsten Warholm should, of course, drop the Bislet Diamond League competition on June 16th. That competition was initially his first of the season, which includes the World Cup and then the European Championships in Munich a month later. Karsten Warholm (26) is the world champion in the 400m hurdles (2017 and 2019) as well as the European champion (2018). When he won Olympic gold in Tokyo 10 months ago, he set a world record with 45.94 – a month after he did the same with 46.70 in Bislet.

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But he decided to head to Morocco last Thursday to start the competition season 10 days earlier than initially planned. From the start in the outer lane, he stopped abruptly after passing the first barrier, and turned to the right thigh. Both Warholm himself and coach Leif Olaf Alnes hypothesized that it was due to a muscle spasm.

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A little over a month before the World Cup in Oregon, the season opened in the worst possible way for Karsten Warholm (26).

– It’s at the micro level. There is hardly anything visible in sensitive photos. But there are extreme things he does. Hoarding (injury) is boring. Doctor Thomas Torgalsen, 67, who was himself a former long jumper in athletics, explains he can look for the injury again.

He further says that Karsten Warholm underwent an ultrasound and an MRI at his best gym in Olympiatoppen in Oslo.

Stockholm will host its Diamond League competition, with the 400m hurdles in the programme, on Thursday 30 June. It also has nothing to do with Warholm. In the end he would go straight to the start of the World Cup, with a hitch pass in the legs from the championship race. Torgalsen says the “last 20 percent” can be a challenge. That is, the last fifth of rehabilitation and training he now has to go through.

– The last part, at full speed, can be tricky. The World Cup is the biggest goal. He must be able to run at full speed in training. The top sports doctor in charge of athletics says, among other things, that they are willing to take that risk.

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Torgalsen explains that Warholm already today, Tuesday, “just started training”: rehabilitation training, not running, but cycling – rotation training.

Nice move. The problem is predicting how long that will take. If all goes well, he can quickly get out and run again. It doesn’t have to take many days, says Dr. Thomas Torgalsen.

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