The world is responsible for what happens – VG

The world is responsible for what happens - VG
Invited: President Volodymyr was asked about the photo from Potzga in an interview with “60 Minutes”.

The Ukrainian president asks us to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves a question.


– When you have the opportunity to close the airspace. Yes, it is scary to start a world war. I cannot pressure these people because they are afraid of war. But what if the outside world is responsible? Yes I mean that. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: Did I ever get the chance to do something? or not? You will find the answer in the mirror to this question. And another question: Who are you?

This is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with CBS “60 minutes” Shipped in the US on Monday night. The interview was conducted on Wednesday last week.

He was asked if the outside world is responsible for what is happening in Ukraine. The president has been praying for a long time that the airspace is closed, But he spoke to deaf ears because the world is afraid of World War III, something that US President Joe Biden has expressed among other things.

– I remember books about World War II and the devil in uniform, Adolf Hitler. Do countries that did not participate in the war bear any responsibility? Countries that allowed Germany to walk across Europe? Is the world responsible for the genocide? Yeah.

Witness the devastation: President Zelensky visited Potzja last week.

President Zelensky visited Botsja last week, Especially one photo of him from there that got a lot of attention. The deep wrinkles on his forehead and his earnest and stubborn gaze bear witness to the atrocities he had seen in the city after the Russians withdrew from there. Dozens of civilians were found dead and bound in the streets of a city that was bombed.

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In the “60 Minutes” interview, he was asked what we see here, in a facial expression that until then did not refer to the Ukrainian people during the war.

Is it deep pain or anger?

– he is angry. Because we do not understand the Russians. We cannot understand that there are people on this planet who give such orders – and people who follow these orders.

He says the evidence of Russian war crimes is numerous. Ukrainian security forces have intercepted communications between Russian soldiers telling them what they stole and who they kidnapped. Airmen taken as prisoners of war and have maps of civilian targets. There are ongoing investigations into the dead that have been found.

Everyone who issued orders in this regard is guilty. Putin is one of those, answering the question of whether Putin should be tried for war crimes.

Johnson when to visit: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kyiv on Saturday and Zelensky saw him nearby.

In his daily address to the people on Monday night, he talked about how Russia is trying to blame Bucha on Ukrainian forces in tonight’s speech. Russia has come up with several formulas to abdicate responsibility.

– They say we, not them. Although it is clear to everyone that people were killed while the Russian army took control of the city, according to Zelensky guardian.

He talks about the missile attack on Kramatorsk, which the Russians also denied being behind, but believe that it was the Ukrainians who bombed themselves.

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– Although their propagandists announced the attack. Although missiles are launched from an area they control. They say the same about every town they destroyed, and every village they burned. They say the same, not them, but us, says Zelensky, and notes that Russia still, six weeks into the war, denies it is bombing civilian targets.

Despite the fact that the testimonies from the Western media are huge.

– Do you know why? Because of cowardice, says Zelensky, praising all the free media that report independently and don’t let Russian propaganda win.

The truth will prevail. Ukraine will win!

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