The world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port has sold for more than 700,000 kroner

The world's first iPhone with a USB-C port has sold for more than 700,000 kroner

The USB C standard now applies to most mobile phones, but Apple is still skeptical of its Lightning solution. As mentioned a while ago Recently an engineering student took matters into his own hands, which now turned out to be very profitable.

Ken Belloner, as the impatient student is called, has sold his custom-built Iphone X with USB C port on Ebay for a hefty price, to say the least. Among other things cnet I reported the case.

746000 kr

The winning bid is on the auction site It ended up with a crazy $86,000, or NOK 746,000, after 116 presenters threw themselves onto the catwalk. Perhaps this is a new record for a mobile phone.

What the buyer paid for that amount should be left unpaid, but as Cnet points out, it’s not impossible for the price to reflect the demand for USB C functionality on the iPhone. It may also be that the person in question simply values ​​unique collectibles highly.

Piloner’s work on “upgrading” the Iphone X actually began in May of this year and is described in Student’s blog. The job was more demanding than one might think, and the student had to resort to reverse engineering, tricky soldering, and USB-C specification documentation studies.

However, the real reason Pilons conceived the idea is not very complicated.

The motivation behind the project is simple. I just want an iPhone with USB-C. why? Because everything I own has USB-C, so it was a good idea to convert an Iphone as well. Bring one charger and one cable to charge everything, the student writes on his blog.

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You can watch a video showing the process of making a unique iPhone at the bottom of the article.

This is what the “ultimate” USB C iPhone X looks like. Photo: YouTube

under pressure from the European Union

As mentioned by The European Commission has proposed making USB-C a common charging standard for all electronic devices, but Apple has so far shown no signs of giving in to the pressure – quite the contrary.

“We believe that regulations requiring compliance with the connector built into all mobile phones prevent rather than encourage innovation, and will harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole,” Apple said in a comment on the EU initiative in January 2020. , reproduced by others Reuters.

Apple has already switched to the USB-C standard on the iPad Pro tablet and the latest generation Ipad Air, so the company clearly isn’t entirely shy about that standard.

as Apple Insider However, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in a note earlier this year that there are no indications that Apple is planning to switch to USB-C on the iPhone, despite market expectations.

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