The world’s first solar-powered electric car is ready for mass production

The world's first solar-powered electric car is ready for mass production
SUNLIGHT: Sono Sion is an affordable family-friendly electric vehicle with solar cells built into the body panels. These work both for charging and as a range extender.

No, you didn’t get heat stroke, you read that right. If we believe Sono Motors, we’ll have solar electric cars on the road early next year.

German startup Sono Motors has been developing solar electric cars since 2017. According to the company, Sion, as it is called, is the world’s first ready for mass production. Solar powered electric vehicle (SEV).

Sono Sion has already gained a solid outfit. More than 19,000 people paid a deposit of about NOK 22,000 per car, the company reports press release.

BRILLIANT PRACTICAL: The Sono describes the Scion as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), a vehicle class that has nearly died out since the SUV and crossover market took over a number of years ago.

100% solar powered – approx

Before you explain Sono as a genius or an idiot, it’s important to point out that the Sion is not a 100% SEV, but rather a Sol Hybrid Electric Vehicle, or SHEV if we allow ourselves a little conceptual creativity.

Sion has a 54 kWh Li-ion battery which provides an expected range of 305 km. Additionally, there are 456 so-called “half-cell” solar panels integrated into all body panels, except for the fenders. These devices serve to charge the car when stationary and as a range extender while driving, and should be able to provide an additional 112 kilometers.

According to Sono, the result is that Sion owners can reduce the number of charging sessions on average by up to four times compared to a similar electric vehicle.

Simple and Affordable: Interior design hasn’t won any awards. But with a much lower price tag of NOK 300,000 including sun visor, there’s no reason to be ashamed of Sion.

mobile power station

The battery can receive up to 75 kilowatts (kW) on a quick charger and 11 kilowatts via the vehicle’s onboard charger.

And if you live properly on the sunny side, the Sion should be able to use it as a mobile charging station, the so-called V2L (vehicle to load).

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An outlet from the car provides up to 11 kW, which means that you can, for example, use it at home for energy, for example, a sunbed, Or a waffle iron on a camping trip. According to Sono, the Sion can be used to charge another electric vehicle.

A bright future: Sono Motors plans to develop the use of solar energy in several sectors of transportation. They have already launched a solar cell array that can be retrofitted into a bus.

Finnish production

Seon is described as being family friendly multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) The price is expected to be below 300,000 NOK. Thus, you will compete against it, for example MG ZS EV.

MG ZS EV luxury long-range test:

This electric car is among the most affordable cars

The car is in the final testing phase, and Sono expects production to start after sunrise in 2023. The car will be manufactured in Finland by Valmet Automotive, which also makes solar electric cars for Dutch Lightyear.

Sono plans to produce 257,000 cars over the first seven years.

Free energy: Solar panels on the roof of the bus can provide significant financial savings.

solar bus

The Sono Sion was launched at the Celebrating the Sun event in Munich earlier this year, along with another sunny novelty from Sono, the Solar Bus Kit.

Solar Bus Kit is a solar cell kit that can be modified on buses over 12 meters in length, for example Mercedes-Benz Citaro or MAN Lion City.

Sortimo Innovation Park in Germany:

Mecca for charging all drivers of electric cars?

Solar cells, for example, can power air conditioners and electronics in buses, and potentially contribute to significant fuel savings. On average, this can be up to 1,500 liters of diesel and four tons of carbon dioxide2– Emissions annually, according to Sono.

The fuel savings can therefore cover installation costs already after three years of operation.

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