June 10, 2023


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The Zoo apologizes: – Offended an entire nation

The uproar began after videos of the zoo’s kiwi bird, Baura, showing it being petted by guests and taking selfies in bright light, went viral on social media.

Concerned New Zealanders quickly launched a petition to “save” the bird, and the US zoo has been the target of complaints on social media in recent days.

The zoo is now down low, and maintains that it will no longer offer its guests this kind of interaction with birds.

– When I watched the video myself, I knew we had made a huge mistake, says Communications Director Ron Magill New Zealand Herald.

Kivivogel: Thousands of New Zealanders got engaged when videos emerged on social media of Bora in direct contact with the audience. Photo: Miami Zoo
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national symbol

After hearing the feedback, the director claims he told the zoo director that we had “offended an entire nation.”

– I’m very sorry. full of regret. I don’t mean to explain anything away, I’m here to apologize to everyone, Magill says.

Kivifulgen is New Zealand’s national bird Great national symbol – It is appreciated by all cultures on the island.

All five species are endangered, and many projects have been launched to save them. Paura was bred in the United States as part of a breeding programme.

Kiwis are nocturnal birds – hence the reflexes of meeting guests in broad daylight.

Visit the park: They got a big hit from America’s national bird, which the comments section seems to love. Video: Viralhog/NTB. Correspondent: Agusta Magnusdottir
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The Prime Minister expresses his regret

in statement The zoo asserts that kiwis are usually kept away from guests in a quiet area, with access to darkness during the day.

It also informs about plans to build a new area for the bird, protecting its natural instincts, without direct contact with the public.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, commented on the matter on Wednesday. He thinks it shows how proud New Zealanders are of their kiwis – especially those overseas.

– The zoo has now apologized and expressed remorse for what happened. I recognize that, Hipkins says, and I thank them for taking this seriously Watchman.

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