Theatrical performance “The Journey to the Poinsettia”: a safe return – VG

Theatrical performance "The Journey to the Poinsettia": a safe return - VG
Old New Classics: Jacob Schoen Andersen (background), Amalie Krog Sondo and Havard Buck in “A Journey to the Christmas Star”.

The Journey to Poinsettia is going back in time.

“Journey to the Christmas Star”

Folketeateret Oslo

Audience: Ca. 1200

Screenplay: Safir Brandt

Music: Johan Halvorsen

Directed by Lars Jacobsen

Choreography: Thea Bai

Collection design: Peter Hlosk

Music director: Attlee Halstensen

With: Amalie Krogh-Sundbow, Celia Niemoen, Harvard Back, Jacob Schoen Andersen, Ingar Helge Gimli, Hans Magnus Ray, Benedict Söring, Liv Unni Larsson Ondal, Hans Magnus Heldershavn Ray, Benedict Soering

VG dice show 4 points

Moreover “Journey to the Christmas Star»(1924) was heavily criticized in the Culture War.

In 2019, it became clear that National Theater He no longer comes to create the traditional piece, which was the establishment’s first milking cow nearly 100 years ago. theater edifice Extensive rehabilitation work as a reason.

In an article in Morgenbladet the following year However, it turns out that he was the author’s grandson, Ambassador Brandt, the current right holder Regine Davek Brandt Kvinfeldwho put his foot down.

Brandt Keveneld thought “The Journey to Poinsettia” had departed too far from its original meaning. she was Not satisfied with the updated Kjersti Horn production from 2016They believe that “a Journey to Poinsettia” has been exploited for its “Christian message”.

Service Bear: Amalie Krogh Sundbow on “A Journey to the Christmas Star” in Folketeret.

Then one can easily ask whether “A Journey to Poinsettia” was a distinctive religious piece to begin with. It may have been seen as such in 1924. But the two versions that most people know about – the movie adapted from 1976 And 2012 It can hardly be said that it is “Christian” in its own right.

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One “Journey to Poinsettia” fairy tale, and trite. It is reasonable to think that what Brandt Kvineld really feared was that we would soon have ‘a trip to poinsettia – hip hop music».

When the play now gets a new premiere Folketerite, after becoming Canceled in the epidemic year 2020, with assurances that Brandt’s original script is as sound as possible, that Jacob Halvorsen’s music is as it should be, that the ballerinas come from Smestad and that families from East Ackerselva should not come.

Colorful Kingdom: The Dance Troupe on “A Journey to the Christmas Star” in Folketrite.

The latter was a joke of course. But the truth is that the piece in its current new old form will be like that Disney On the one hand and the past on the other: the old days when the capital’s bourgeoisie was eager to reveal its promising youth with motives from the Continent and the classical formation. It should be Christmas as in 1924, and the angels should be in ‘Merry Christmas’. Basta.

In other words, “A Journey to Poinsettia” in 2021 pays little attention to the contemplation of the society in which it was created. The most recent thing about it is the use of film, sometimes with a rough 3D effect, and actors suspended by wires from the ceiling and allowing pictures to be taken during the show.

There is not necessarily anything wrong with that. Not everything needs constant updating, especially traditions. But it’s so good that this “trip to poinsettia” is a thing for the eye. As for Brandt’s text, frankly, Brandt’s text is moth-eating. does not come from.

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BLONDE HERO: Amalie Krog Sundbø in “A Journey to the Christmas Star”.

The biggest weakness, besides the fact that we don’t fully understand what a poinsettia is He isCentral character: Princess Golltop / Sonya. A heroine of so little complexity – no will, no strength to act – that she cannot be called a “heroine” at all.

There is nothing to complain about Amalie Krogh Sundbos (daughter Hanne Krogh, who starred in the 1976 film) effort in the role. The 28-year-old actor is totally childishly gorgeous. The problem is that it is Just You get a chance to be.

You probably know the story, and it couldn’t be easier. When she was young, the golden golden crest went out into the forest to give her golden heart to the poinsettia, and since then no one has seen her. congen (tray) He was angry with grief, and cursed the poinsettia. The poinsettia took it poorly, and ceased to shine.

As is often the case in fairy tales, bad guys are allowed to have fun. both count (schoen, Captain Sabertooth with the crooked nose) and the witch (Nimoen With a green “Bride Of Frankenstein” electroshock hairstyle) it has to do with the disappearance number. When Gulltopp appears again, as “poor girl” Sonja, they have a hard time answering to keep her out of the blue-blooded biological danger.

Another Princess: Amalie Krug Sundbow and Harvard Back in “A Journey to the Christmas Star”.

The plot, if you can call it a plot, is divided according to the method of approach. Hildershavn Rye and Søreng play butlers Ole and Petrine. Larsson Undall designs both Lily PendresLike the “performing star” who visits for his services to the king, as well as the songbird who will eventually save the princess. Gmail Santa Claus plays, with Santa Claus in an adorable court around him. They clap their hands, sing and laugh.

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Ballet dancers are the best reason to buy a ticket to “A Trip to Poinsettia”, and they happily occupy a large part of their playing time, as hares, squirrels, and snowmen. Figures designed by thea bay, has something that ‘Journey to Poinsettia’ often lacks: energy and come in. They also contribute a direct line back to what “The Journey to Poinsettia” was like again, which some have conspicuously missed.

DANCE ANIMALS: The dance troupe of “Journey to the Christmas Star” in Folketeatret.

The scenography, drawn by Peter Hloske, is, as suggested, pretty flashy, with more colorful lights than Clas Ohlson’s LED section. Nothing was spared,” the trip to Poinsettia looks professional and luxurious in every respect, including costumes by designer Sally Turner and masks by Theo Luth.

at its best He is “A Journey to Poinsettia” is a relatively magical game, it’s like Christmas food. The youngest children will enjoy themselves. The play isn’t modern and it doesn’t have to be everything. At the same time, it is a little sad that it is now closed to new ideas. A piece set every birthday can withstand trying something new once every leap year.

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